Workflow with Boundaries with Unified Communications

Do you work to live, or live to work? Granted, there are some people in the world who simply adore what they do – so much so that they choose to do more work in their off time as a hobby. But if you’re like most people – while you enjoy putting in a full day’s work and boosting your company’s productivity, you still enjoy being able to go “off the clock” and just be you. Unified Communications can help you set some workflow boundaries to allow you to go “off the clock,” plus give you a whole lot more while you are working.

Indicate How and When You Can Be Reached

Unified Communications allows your digital phone, instant messaging, conferencing, and email all to work together. That’s a lot of mediums in which people can get ahold of you! Suppose you’re on your lunch break with a member of your family. How special will your lunch together be if you’re constantly being called? Unified Communications allows you to immediately select which medium people may get in touch with you. So, you could select “instant messaging,” put your phone on silent, and check your messages periodically to ensure there are no emergencies back at the office.

Temporarily Remove Your Availability

Let’s take it a step further: say you took the week off for a vacation. You’re sitting in a restaurant having brunch, and your phone chirps: it’s one of your customers with a question. With unified communications, you can remove your availability – effectively sending everyone to voicemail and putting messages in your queue until you’re ready to look at them. You can also send all messages to a designated voice or text message which informs them of your unavailability, and whom they can reach out to in your absence. And if you’re so inclined, you can always check messages later or even change your availability at a moment’s notice.

Preferred Technology Solutions Will Set Your Workflow Boundaries

Enjoy time for yourself. After all, we work to make life better. How can it be better if we don’t have any personal time? Preferred Technology Solutions will help you to set the boundaries you and your team need in their lives, and show you all the ways your entire office will benefit from integrating unified communications into your workflow.  Talk to us about it. We know you’ll be happy with what you learn.