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Why Security Surveillance is Beneficial for a Business

Is security surveillance a good idea for your business? After all, the cameras and the security systems do require a capital outlay to install and set up. However, this initial expense could very quickly be wiped out when you start experiencing the incredible benefits of a security system at your workplace.

Read on to find out more. 

A big deterrent for potential thieves

You are serious about protecting your business from thieves, both digitally and physically, and this is why you are even considering a security camera solution in the first place. Well, you may be pleased to know that security cameras really do make a big difference when it comes to theft. Even the mere presence of a security camera can act as a serious deterrent to would-be criminals.

Protection against shrinkage, from within and without

Your team is, for the most part, made up of trustworthy individuals who you are happy to put your faith in. However, you cannot vouch for everyone, particularly when you are onboarding new members of staff.

Inventory shrinkage costs the US retail sector an astonishing $45bn each year, and this is not even taking into account the other types of business that experience crippling losses from internal shrinkage each year. Security camera surveillance will help you eliminate this risk, and penalize any members of staff who are not acting as they should.

Increased productivity

You don’t want to be “keeping an eye” on your staff in an Orwellian sense, but it is true that surveillance can increase productivity. This is because introducing an additional sense of accountability, and making it known that actions can and do have consequences, can’t fail but make people work that little bit harder.

It is important to temper this with the right management approach. Reward your employees for their good work, support them with cloud technology and other productivity-boosting solutions, and don’t make them feel like you are trying to catch them out.

Keep your team safe and secure

The workplace can be a dangerous place if it is not managed appropriately. Illnesses and injuries do occur as a result of unsafe working practices, and, shockingly, as many as two million Americans report some kind of violence in the workplace every year.

Security surveillance can help you make sure that your workplace is a safe one, and that your duty of care to your staff is being fulfilled.

Insight into how your business is doing

Inefficient processes could be costing your business a lot of money, and you may not have any way to identify this. Surveillance footage provides the answer. 

Take a look at how you do business and consider how its efficiency could be improved, from enhancing collaboration between teams to implementing new technology to support growth. The different perspective might provide you with just the insight you need to make the right changes for your organization.

Evidence in the case of a legal dispute

Unfortunately, not everyone who visits your business will be honest. There may come a time when you find yourself defending your business against a phony lawsuit or legal complaint. This becomes even more difficult — not to mention stressful and anxiety-inducing — when it comes down to your word against theirs.

This is where surveillance can make a huge difference. Cameras can provide the evidence you need to prove your innocence, and ensure the right outcome for your business.

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