Who Has Access to Your Wireless Access Point?

With today’s consistent use of wireless technology, there is a higher demand for wireless access points. Wireless networking products are so inexpensive and tangible that almost anyone and everyone can obtrusively gain access to a wireless point. Although routers and access points have an administrative password that is required before logging in the device, the security is usually very weak. Most devices default to a weak password like the manufacturer’s name or have no password at all. Which brings the question to mind, who has access to your wireless access point?

Any Wireless Systems

Wireless access points automatically broadcast the network’s name. Although this makes setting up wireless access points incredibly convenient, it also makes them highly vulnerable.  Your wireless access network will appear to any wireless systems within range of it. This increases exposure to not only your fellow neighbors but passersby as well.

Open For All

Unsecured wireless access points are potential risks that could affect not only your business but also your personal life. It is an open invitation to anyone who wants to retrieve secure data and files on your system. This means that bandwidth thieves, snoopers, and spammers can easily access your home or office network and snoop through all the devices that are connected.


There are “wardrivers” who specifically search for open wireless access points with the intention to either spam or commit identity theft. This exposure will leave any of your private records public and accessible for malicious use. Any hacker that takes the time to examine your access point will identify its make and model and unlock the default user ID and password.

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