What You Can Do With Video Surveillance Software

Business owners have a lot on their plate these days, and security is one huge challenge that always takes the cake. Long ago, people relied on grainy footage from video surveillance software that operated on analog technology to monitor their business. This method, although considered a breakthrough at the time, is now outdated and unreliable. That’s why many consumers are making the switch to digital, and it’s important to be equipped with the right video surveillance software to gain unprecedented control of your surveillance systems. Whether you’re trying to prevent theft, engage in remote monitoring, or invest in scalable solutions, it’s important to know the advantages that come with the best video surveillance software. From optimized security to increased productivity, the possibilities are wide and varied.

Prevent Theft and Reduce Loss.

These are the obvious benefits of digital surveillance systems. Compared to analog, digital cameras can capture and store more video – and the quality and clarity of the video feed is far superior as well.

But choosing the right video surveillance software to decode and support your digital systems is a must! Here at Preferred, we use the best video management software to allow you to take advantage of the latest technologies and industry-leading assets such as 4K and UHD cameras to monitor your business. With video surveillance software solutions like Milestone, rendering video can be done quickly and efficiently – which translates into savings on your hardware investments.

Respond to Situations Immediately.

Knowing instantly when something happens is critical when it comes to your business security. Monitoring your video feed 24/7 is an impossible task. That’s why we provide video surveillance software that automatically notifies you when an alarm is triggered on your premises. You can gain peace of mind knowing that you’ll be notified whenever your cameras detect suspicious activity or potential danger.

Solutions like Milestone Mobile also empower control room operators to send out alarm notifications to patrolling guards and first responders on their mobile devices. This allows them to have every piece information needed to respond to the accident.

Remote Monitoring.

Top-notch video surveillance software should allow you to monitor your video feed whenever and wherever you need to. That way you can securely monitor both live and recorded footage in real time over any wireless network – whether it be from your smartphone, your computer, or some other device. Video management software like Video Insight allows you to review and access recorded video with a smart, graphical scrolling timeline and access bookmarked video with ease.

Boost Collaboration in Your OCC.

Nobody has time to watch every hour of recorded video footage. At Preferred, we use advanced video surveillance software to improve your response time from the operations control center (OCC). By allowing operators to focus on relevant information around an incident and quickly assess the situation to determine the necessary action, our video surveillance software can distribute intelligence swiftly and efficiently.

To learn more about how to optimize your security with the best video surveillance software, contact a licensed video systems provider like Preferred for a free consultation!