What Features Are Included in the Best Cloud Service?

Everyone has a cloud. If you type in ‘cloud services’ in a search engine, more than 200 million results come up. Good luck with that. Allow us to help you break it down. If you are looking for a cloud service for your business, Preferred has the solutions with the best features. Don’t settle; choose a service that offers a list of effective features.


5 Must-Have Best Cloud Service Features

You are going to come across a wealth of bells and whistles offered by cloud companies, but just like buying a car, don’t lose sight of what you need. The best clouds have the five following features.

  1. Ample Storage and Frequent Backups

Your company’s cloud must have enough storage to store all of your company’s critical data, without having to sacrifice data. The perfect cloud service company will provide you with storage solutions that fit your company’s immediate needs, accommodate for future goals, and scale to coincide with growth. As your company collects the data, the cloud must have a backup schedule in place that coincides with your company’s needs as well. Does certain data need to be updated immediately, or can some of it wait until the doors close for the day?

  1. Virtualized Desktop

You need a virtualized desktop so you and your team can utilize all the benefits and tools of the cloud in or out of the office. A virtualized desktop allows companies to load all of the essential programs and solutions online and then deliver them right away to other users or deploy them instantly when working remotely.

  1. Complete Email and Communications System

Your company’s email system is critical for its daily operations. Hosted email provides your company with tools and communication resources improve your staff’s communication and productivity.

  1. Compliance and Support Resources

Your company’s cloud service must be compliant. As technology evolves in all industries, it important to find a service that is both compliant and efficient. Company data and customer privacy are top priorities, and businesses have an obligation to protect both. Companies who deal with such sensitive information must choose a cloud product with a company that is industry compliant and has a track record of proven compliance.

  1. Security and Disaster Recovery

You have to ensure safety and that the cloud provider will stick around to support your company. You must ask about encryption, security support, monitoring, prevention, and eradication. Ask about data collection, secure transmission and the security of the off-site data location. After the data is collected, your company must have the ability and ease to recover data swiftly and remotely.


When you are looking for a cloud service and cloud provider, vet the company and the product just as you would a new employee or vendor. This is your company and its data and integrity are on the line. Demand a company be upfront about pricing, security, and terms that benefit your company, not the cloud provider.