Using Technology to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

The continuous evolution of technology has made our work lives easier in many ways. Emails, the Internet and apps can get us in touch with one another in an instant and we never miss a call from a colleague, customer or your boss. This has its downsides too. Getting notifications about work 24/7 on your mobile device can negatively impact your personal and family life, leading to lots of stress and poor health. We start to feel that we never get a moment to ourselves to relax and unwind without a chance to truly leave work behind and immerse ourselves in our personal life. Don’t give up on technology, instead use it to create a work-life balance, and we have a few examples of how to do this.

How to Achieve A Successful Work-Life Balance:

Work Remotely

Technology has allowed the workplace to become much more flexible. If your employer will allow you, work from home a few days a week. This puts you in charge of your professional and personal life. Working from home can relieve stress of handling many tasks at once in the office with constant interaction from employees and a hoovering boss. By doing work from home a few days a week, the other days can be saved for meetings with clients, colleagues and other work that must be done on-site, as well as giving you social interaction that can be missed when you’re away for too long.

Save Valuable Time

In a time where we are constantly running back and forth to see clients, meetings or run errands, any minutes we can save are precious. The more time we save, the more we can spend with loved ones. Long commutes have actually been found to lead to divorce. Take advantage of technology that finds the quickest route for you to get from A to B. Use features like Google Maps, or apps like Beat the Traffic to find the fastest path for you so you can improve time management skills.

Video Conferencing

Employees who travel a lot risk their relationships with their loved ones because they are away so much. However, it is important to a company to be able to reach out to clients in other parts of the country or the world. Video conferencing makes it possible to meet with these important customers and have critical face-to-face interactions, while your employee does not have to set foot in an airport. Conference calls with several users can take place on a common virtual platform, which also saves a company money on travel expenses. 

Online Photo Sharing

Sometimes our work takes us away from relatives because we have to relocate. This makes it difficult for them to keep up with us as our family and children grow. In order to keep everyone in the loop, consider a photo sharing website like Shutterfly where you can share all of your pictures with whoever you invite. This keeps them more private than social media sites and allows loved ones to see you more than only on holidays.