How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Make Your Voice Heard

Are you looking for a way to broaden your reach on LinkedIn? The site already provides you
with plenty of valuable networking tools for business and personally, but now there is a new
way to reach out, with LinkedIn Publishing. What started as an experiment with select
members is now open to everyone on LinkedIn for use. This means there is going to be
much more content on LinkedIn, and you’ll have to stand out by creating quality publishings.

What is LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is a new way for users to publish their own content by
writing articles and blogs that tell your story and share your expertise and knowledge. Once
they are available on the platform, links to them will show up at the top of your profile. This
way you can write a blog without having to sign up on a separate website or launch your own.
If you’re not familiar with this platform, we have some suggestions on how to use it to make
your voice heard amongst millions of other users.

Blogging Ideas

LinkedIn Publishing is an excellent way for you to share your personal experiences and
professional insights. If you’ve never blogged before, we have a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gain respect by admitting to challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you
    overcame them.
  • Give advice to those who are new in your field.
  • Shed light on important skills to help advance your career.
  • Write about current trends in your industry.
  • Discuss new technologies or apps you enjoy.

LinkedIn also gives you some guidelines on what to publish if you need help getting started.
Be sure to add stunning visuals that will add to your story, and even include videos that will
make your point stick with the reader. Hyperlinks added are a great addition that extend past
your blog.

Post Your Publishing Elsewhere

To reach more readers and potential business contacts, go outside of LinkedIn. Share the
post on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This gives you more
chances to have your blog shared, which increases your presence in online searches.

Read the Comments

If you want people that read your posts to take you seriously, you have to manage your
comments. Make sure that you are responding to those who have taken the time to reflect on
your publishing. This is especially valuable if people that are writing to you are outside of your
network, because you the chance to make new connections, and it shows you how far your
posts are reaching.

Personalize the Post

Within the body of the post, you should make your own bio section. Write a few sentences
that tell who you are, what you do, or any other relevant information like volunteer work or
accolades. You can link your personal web page or blog if you have one.