Top 3 Benefits of an Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Are the limitations of roaming getting you a little frustrated with your current wireless access point? Are your employees able to access certain bandwidth, but only around your office? Are they able to reach other floors, or even go outside, before losing their connection? Imagine a world where everyone was able to go anywhere and still be to stop, drop, and connect. Every minute counts, and whether you are at home or at work, you deserve the consistency of a wireless access point. With untethered access to documents, emails, applications and other network resources, anyone can roam where they need to, and still have constant access to the tools required to do their jobs. Companies are taking advantage of these 3 major benefits of an outdoor wireless access point, while increasing their exposure to endless possibilities.

Benefits of Outdoor Wireless Access Points

Expanded Connectivity

Outdoor wireless access points provide a business greater range to connect to a wired network. If you are unable to connect to hard-to-reach areas, this could smooth out the process. You will be able to open new offices and grow your business while providing complete wireless access.

Video Surveillance

Another great benefit will be the ability to maximize security. With IP surveillance, your cameras operate over Wi-Fi signals. This grants you remote accessibility, higher image quality, and easy video management. You can take advantage by installing video surveillance around focal points outside your business’s establishment.

Public Wi-Fi

You can take your business to new places when you use outdoor wireless access points to help you explore. Outdoor public Wi-Fi is by far the most popular outdoor application for a wireless network. Help bring quality experiences to your guests by offering this service.

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