Things to Consider if You’re Looking into Wireless Solutions

Looking for the next best thing? Wireless solutions can give you an extra edge by offering you the biggest advantages against your competitors: improved communication, mobility, and increased revenue. The wide adoption of electronic devices in the workplace means a higher demand for wireless solutions. When wireless support is implemented, your business will experience greater portability, flexibility, and production. Although wireless support is critical for your organization’s survival, there are a few things to consider before you begin looking into wireless solutions.


Before making the jump into wireless solutions, make sure your foundation is solid… literally. It starts with investigating the infrastructure of your building: weak groundwork will produce weak results. You should take notes on anything that holds water, such as pipes, bathrooms, and elevator shafts because they tend to limit the range of wireless signals. Leave the installations to an IT expert like Preferred!

Workflow and Wireless

Keep in mind the kind of production you want to achieve and the flexibility you want to give to your employees. Determining how many hotspots you deem necessary for your office should depend on whether you want your employees to roam or be confined to one area. An IT expert will be able to place your wireless access points and correctly configure your wireless networking to ensure an optimal wireless environment. Many companies make the common mistake of adding too many access points and then suffer from their devices not connecting properly.

Devices Determine Direction

The kinds of devices you use determines where and what kind of wireless access points you need. Phones, laptops, desktops, Apple TVs, and tablets all dictate your wireless requirements. Detail out your company devices and how you use each of them on a daily basis.

By completing your research on whether or not your business qualifies for wireless solutions, you have taken the most important step. Let Preferred Technology Solutions take the weight off your shoulders by working with you every step of the way. Our IT specialists offer wireless solutions at an affordable cost.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing network or ready to install a new one, we’ll deliver the best wireless solutions to meet your needs.