The New Smartwatch From Pebble: Pebble Time

Pebble is known for the smartwatch and the Kickstarter fund raising site for creative projects. The new Pebble Time smartwatch has set a new Kickstarter record, raising $1 million in only 49 minutes, the fastest in Kickstarter history. Backers on the site can buy the Time for only $179, while the first 10,000 got it for only $159. Here’s what all the fuss is about.


About Pebble Time

The watch is named “Time” because time is the central guiding force. It doesn’t favor individual apps, but instead has adopted a timeline display of your most urgent notifications. The notifications are organized by what you need to know currently and then in the near future. Apps will still be there, and Time can work with the already existing software for Pebble. However, developers are focusing on moving in a direction that focuses on building software that is extension-style and provides information to a central shared interface. The goal is to steer away from a model that is app-centric, which is more appropriate for smartphones than a smartwatch accessed on your wrist.


Pebble Time Features

The Time is 20% thinner than the previous Pebble smartwatch model, and it now has a new color e-paper screen, where the past model was only available in black and white. Brilliant animations work at 30 fps on the e-ink display. Voice-activated controls can be performed via the Time’s built-in microphone, made with quick text responses in mind.

The straps are now 22mm, which means you can change them out easily with others in your collection. Plus, they come off without a problem because they are designed with quick-release pins, so you don’t need specialized tools to swap straps. The Time is much more customizable than its predecessor.

The Time is water-resistant like the original model, and it uses strong Gorilla Glass for the face and has three available colors for the steel bezel. Connect to devices via Bluetooth, with the aim being to see how the Time works with BLE accessories separate from any phone. Its physical buttons are still a part of the watch, as opposed to a touchscreen interface. The goal in mind with this design is so the user knows for sure that their information has been registered. Designers find this to be a perfect setup for situations where you’re setting a timer for running, dismissing an alarm or swimming.


Pebble Time OS

The Operating System for the Time has been completely rebuilt to support new software.

Information that will be displayed chronologically include weather, stocks and email notices to name a few. This Timeline interface will be accessed by the press of a button, allowing users to scroll to the next event in order, no matter what the app source is. If you need to go back to see what notifications you missed, simply scroll back and catch up on items like yesterday’s activity summary or the score of the game you missed. The new operating system will be able to store over 8 apps, which was the previous model’s maximum capacity.