The Best Cloud Service Money Can Buy

Not to brag, but the cloud is kind of a big deal right now. The cloud can be used for personal use, to aid in medical research and response, to bring classrooms together, and to make your business thrive. The cloud is changing the face of the modern business, and we invite you to take a load off and reap the rewards only the cloud can provide. With so many services in the market, how do you decide which cloud service and provider is right for your company? Preferred has a strategy for finding the BEST cloud service available.


What is the Best Cloud Service?

Your company uses a myriad of devices and operating systems to survive and thrive in its market. You need a business-grade cloud service that knows exactly what you have, what you need, and what you are up against. The best cloud service is one that offers the following services and support systems:

  • Remote access and ease of use
  • Preventative measures to ensure safety and security inside and outside the office
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Scalable services and capacities
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Data backup, encryption, and recoverability
  • Attractive pricing


Questions to Ask to Find the Best Cloud Service

When you are on the hunt for the best cloud service provider, it is essential to ask the right questions. The best cloud service provider will be more than willing to answer.

  1. What about the data?

Your data is the life of your company, and it needs to be cared for and protected. Ask about data backup frequencies, data encryption, and data recovery. You also need to know if you can scale your data services in the future. You must choose a cloud service that is flexible and accommodating to your business’s changing needs. Once you determine what happens to the data, you must inquire about the security of the data center, where the data is housed, and the process if the company loses your data. It is important to understand the cloud service provider’s provisions for data loss.

  1. How do I set up and what will it cost?

The best cloud service is one that accommodates your needs and your budget. You should not be paying for service and space you do not use. Ask about the pricing structure, and be mindful of upfront costs as well. Once the service is in place, you need to know how you will get up and running. The best cloud service provider will walk you through the process and support you along the way, even after your system is up and running.

  1. What about access?

Access has many faces when you are working with the cloud. You need to know who can get in, where they are going, and the strategies to keep prohibited users out. Ask the company how you and your employees are able to access the cloud. Finally, you must ask about the company’s history of downtime and periods of inaccessibility. If your company goes off-line or experiences a loss, what will the cloud service provider do to ensure your company experiences the least amount of downtime possible? Does the claim match the reported data about downtime and recovery?


If you need to find the best cloud service, make your first all to Preferred to benefit from the best cloud service that your hard-earned money can buy.