Security Concerns for Every Business

Security is a practical and ethical issue for every business owner. Adopting the right approach to security in your business will help to define you as a manager and play a major role in the way your business grows. Unfortunately, security is a wide-ranging and complex issue, and there’s no universal solution. Threats are both internal and external, human and automated. It’s impossible to completely insulate your business from disaster, but you can certainly take precautions. Therefore learning about the various security threats to your business is the first step to finding an appropriate solution.

External Security Threats

External threats are likely what come to mind when you think of security concerns from your business. These threats include phishing, spyware, ransomware, and other nasty pieces of software. This can lead to expensive and dangerous data breaches and downtime that can be deadly to your business. One study by the Denver Post indicates that 60% of businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within six months. In addition, cyberattacks disproportionately target small businesses. In some highly regulated industries, security breaches can warrant fines on top of the actual damage of the attack. The increasing number of external threats makes network security more important than ever.

Digital threats aren’t the only external threats, however. When you operate out of a brick and mortar office, there’s always a slight risk of old-fashioned crime. A combination of cybersecurity policies and surveillance technology is the best approach to handling external threats.

As dangerous and annoying as external threats can be, the trickiest threats aren’t the ones trying to force their way into your network.

Internal Security Threats

The good news, however, is that most internal threats aren’t malicious. The bad news is that most internal threats aren’t malicious. In a business that works heavily with technology and data, human error and equipment failure can be devastating. Without proper employee education and backup procedures, your business is no match for an accidental keystroke or unexpected system crash.

Educating employees on proper cybersecurity procedures can go a long way to prevent the kinds of human error that open up your business to outside threats. Making sure that employees are aware of the dangers of malware is a key first step. Implementing two-factor authentication policies and requiring periodic password changes can make your business more secure.

Surveillance is a great way to curb other internal threats. A video record of the events in your office can ensure a fair resolution to conflicts and deter unethical actions. If your business operates out of a warehouse or another risky environment, surveillance technology can document whether or not employees are following safety procedures.

Every business has a unique set of security needs, and at Preferred Technology Solutions we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all security solution. When we work with you, we get to know you, your business, and your industry – and we design a solution that’s custom-tailored to fit your needs. If you think your business might be vulnerable to any of the threats discussed here, don’t hesitate to seek out a solution. Just give us a call to discuss what can be done for you – no strings attached.