Presidents Letter – July

One aspect of cyber-security that is rarely discussed are threats from inside your network, also known as “Insider Threats”.    It’s important for every business to recognize that not all risks come from outside the company network.    That is why I want to discuss “Insider Threats” with you.   Most companies focus only on protecting their private network from malicious actors trying to get in.  Many have not looked hard enough at the risks that they face inside their networks and that is why this subject is so important.

I attended a recent FBI InfraGard webinar and one discussion point was that “Insider Threats” can involve either a willing or unwilling participant.   Furthermore, not just human beings are involved.  The culprit could also be a compromised machine or malicious automated process.   The last thing anyone wants to think about is a disgruntled employee.  Unfortunately though, we have seen destructive data breaches caused by revenge for perceived slights, unreceived promotions, rewards or considerations.    Whether the “Insider Threat” is a human or a machine you must ask yourself:  What am I doing to protect myself?

I would like to suggest that you schedule some time with our team so we can discuss the ways that we can help keep your data as safe as possible, both outside threats and inside ones.