The Preferred Way to Offer BYOD

With more companies hopping on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) bandwagon for its vast benefits–increased productivity, shifting costs, remote workers–we need to also address the risks involved. BYOD increases the risk of company data and files being stolen, deleted, or misplaced. Without a smart and secure Mobile Device Management (MDM) plan, giving employees remote access to enterprise data from their personal devices can lead to major security blows and data breaches.


So what is Mobile Device Management? It’s essentially a comprehensive plan that ensures workers stay productive and do not break corporate policies. Here at Preferred Technology Solutions, we believe that a secure BYOD policy equals happy and more productive employees. But managing a safe mobile device environment is no easy feat. Our MDM plan addresses these key points: network access, data recovery, web security, and activity reports.

Secure Network

By setting up a secure network, you have full authorization over who has access to that network. This can save you from potential data leaks or cyber-attacks. Data recovery is crucial for restoring lost data–something that can happen very easily when remote workers access company data on their personal devices. It also allows you to delete data on lost or stolen devices, keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Web security–enforcing passwords, blacklists, and other security policies–is an additional safety measure for a foolproof MDM plan.

The Preferred Way

Lastly, our MDM plan includes the reporting and monitoring of all mobile activity so you can gain full visibility and control over your BYOD users. With your company and its needs in mind, we can create a custom Preferred Mobile Device Management plan that will keep your BYOD environment safe and happy. Visit our mobile device management page for more information.