Where to Position Your Wireless Access Point

The time before wireless access points was a weave of tangled cable cords. It meant that cables were run through walls and ceilings in order to properly provide network access throughout your entire building. A wireless access point is a networking hardware device that allows Wi-Fi devices to connect more conveniently to a wired network. A WAP, or a wireless access point, stands alone and can connect to a router or be directly integrated into the router. According to About Tech, “One of the world’s most popular network technologies, Wi-Fi connections support millions of people in homes, businesses, and public locations around the world. But how many people know even these basic facts about how Wi-Fi works?” How exactly should you unplug from the old ways and know where to position your wireless access points?

Centralize the Wireless Access Point

Unless problems arise, you will rarely touch the access point after installation. Make sure your wireless access points are properly mounted either on the wall or the ceiling. To optimize the router, it would be best to centralize the spot in order for the signal to spread throughout the entire building. Homeowners can choose to expand their network by adding a wireless AP device to their network instead of adding a second router, while businesses can install a set of APs to cover an office building.

Coverage of the Wireless Access Point

Transmission that comes from the radius of an access point is called a cell. Overlapping cells, which would require you to install a number of wireless access points, will help you create seamless access as you roam from one cell to the other. When you are passing through cells, the access point with the strongest and highest quality will be the one that is used.

A lot of obstacles come from the limitations of your building’s foundation. One example being the possibility of the building only allowing plenum-rated equipment to be mounted in the ceiling. This will limit you to either purchasing plenum-rated access points or mounting the access points somewhere below the ceiling. If you are in the beginning stages of thinking where to place your wireless access points, allow us to help you plan. Call Preferred Technology Solutions  for for a free consultation today!