Office on the Go: Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications provides businesses with a flexible and cohesive communication system. UC combines a VoIP environment and media services to synchronize an array of applications that can work across multiple devices for optimum mobility and versatility enabling company expansion and communication to reach a maximum, which further facilitates an increase in productivity and efficiency.

An Increase in Mobility

Unified communications is all about providing businesses with options: options for communication, options for expansion and options for the ability to increase day-to-day production. By taking advantage of all media and video streaming services such as instant messaging, voice calls, web and video conferencing and making them available to use on all devices, Unified Communications equips companies and users with access to real-time communication. For example, if an employee is doing fieldwork and is unable to use their laptop or desktop device, video and audio calls, important documents, instructional messages, and notifications can be placed or sent to their mobile device or tablet.

The cohesion between applications across different devices establishes a communication hub of sorts, where all important business information can be relayed and received from virtually anywhere at any time. With Unified Communications, being away from your phone when you are expecting an important business message is not a problem, because you can configure your desktop or any other device to receive those messages. Essentially you have the ability to conduct your workday free of single device dependency, meaning you can switch between multiple devices throughout the day to ensure convenience and productivity.

An Increase Presence

With a Unified Communications system in place, expansion becomes easier. You no longer have to go into the office to meet with new clients, which means you are not restricted to an “in person” presence. Unified Communications systems take advantage of video streaming services to allow you to bring the client to you. Using video and audio conference calls to discuss business with new potential clients, ensures that you are not only saving time, but also saving money by cutting down on travel expenses while still reaping the benefits of the highly desired face-to-face meeting. It also gives you the liberty to be at two places at once, so that you can continue to tend to day-to-day business on the go.

Additional Benefits of Unified Communications

The versatility of the communication system doesn’t stop at the type of device or application your company can use to exchange information. On a business level, Unified Communications can be configured and tailored to best benefit the company. Access to a server allows for the customization of the specific applications and the way in which they work together to provide a unified front. Thus, presenting businesses with ample options for how they want to communicate or what will best fit their needs and desires as a company. Open communication is the key to any successful company, and having this form of Unified Communications is prudent in making sure that conducting business becomes as flexible and accommodating to all clients and employees as possible.