The Numbers Behind Workflow and Efficiency Improves with Unified Communications

Meeting client needs while maintaining IT budgets and staffing expenses is a balancing act every company performs. Businesses small and large are feeling the strain to do less with more, and unified communications is one way to help you bridge the gap.

Unified communications is the bundling of all of your communication services into one application. This combines video calling, instant messaging, phone calls, and email all into one system accessible across many devices.

Flexible and Fast

Unified communications allows employees to use communication systems concurrently instead of having several applications running at once. This increases productivity by cutting down on time wasted and duplicated efforts to communicate with other members of the team.

Because all of the systems are in one place, fewer items will fall through the cracks. Employees will be able to stay on top of emails, messages, and phone calls because they won’t have to be cycling through multiple platforms to be sure they’ve seen every notification. This reduces inaccuracies and boosts productivity and quality of communication within your business.

Mobile Connectivity

Not only does unified communications increase individual productivity, but it also boosts team productivity. Your employees can collaborate in real-time because they’re all using the same applications. Impromptu video conferencing can connect employees who are working remotely with those in the office without juggling schedules and appointments.

Easier sync ups like this will allow your team to communicate quicker and more effectively, which means that finished work will be of better quality and completed faster.

Tracking Employee Communication Methods

Some unified communications come with a tracking feature that monitors how employees communicate and through which features. Management can assess and understand the most effective way to communicate with their employees. Improved communication can benefit team relations and create a better sense of community.

At Preferred Technology Solutions, we can help companies just like yours integrate a unified communications solution to help you streamline and enhance communication and productivity with ease. Simply give us a call to get started.