What You Need to Know About Surveillance Technology

As a responsible business owner, you should be proactive about the security of your workplace. Surveillance technology is one high-tech way to protect your business and help you sleep better at night. In a world where internal and external threats lie around every corner, surveillance achieves both practical and ethical goals.

Surveillance can deter crime and protect your business from unnecessary risk – especially in high-risk sectors. When properly installed, surveillance technology can also assist authorities in solving crimes. In order to make the best use of surveillance technology, it’s important to be knowledgeable of the latest developments in the security field, so that your business can access the hardware and software it needs. Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

Wires Are a Thing of the Past

Like almost every other technology, surveillance is going wireless. The wireless trend has allowed surveillance technology to advance rapidly. It is also more logistically and financially viable than ever before.

In the past, security cameras were unwieldy devices. They needed a wired power source, and their video  feeds had to be carried back to a server through a coaxial cable. Unless the installer was a master at cable management, surveillance systems could get very messy, very quickly.

To complicate matters further, footage had to be stored on VHS tapes, DVDs, and external hard drives. Even with the arrival of the DVR, wired security systems had major drawbacks.

Wireless security systems fix most of the problems presented by traditional surveillance systems. In fact, wireless surveillance improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way. Wireless cameras can be installed in previously unreachable spots. There’s no messy cabling to muck up your infrastructure. Footage can be stored indefinitely in the cloud or compressed into more efficient storage devices. Most modern surveillance systems merge seamlessly with common hardware and software platforms.

What Surveillance Technology Can Do For Your Business

If you’re a naturally trusting person, investing in surveillance technology may not be the most comfortable choice in the world. While this is understandable, a measure of surveillance is actually one of the most ethical things your company can invest in.

If your business includes a significant amount of floor space, such as a warehouse, it’s important to keep an eye on things. Lost or stolen inventory adds up quickly on the balance sheet. Keeping footage of your business’s property can help deter theft and reduce losses, positively affecting your bottom line and leading to direct benefits for your employees. If you are the victim of a crime, surveillance technology helps ensure that you and your company get the justice you deserve.

In high-risk industries, surveillance technology also offers protection for both you and your employees. In the event of a workplace injury, footage can offer an objective account of events and guarantee a fair result.

If your business hasn’t invested in surveillance technology, or you’re realizing that your current surveillance systems are out of date, don’t worry. At Preferred Technology Solutions, we specialize in designing and installing business surveillance systems. Our work is unintrusive and professional, and we make you part of the conversation. To learn more about surveillance solutions or our other managed service offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.