Letter from the President – June

The sun is getting brighter, the heat hotter and our roads are getting busier.  The economy is opening back up and life as we know it seems to be improving as people go back to work and businesses reopen.  From the technology side, we are seeing a renewed focus on technology and how the right technology can help businesses not just navigate the waters better, but also be better prepared for what the future will bring.

An example of this is the many businesses that had older PBX phone systems pre-Covid.  We have had many requests from our clients to upgrade their offices to a Unified Communications platform, so they can communicate more effectively.  And each time we perform an upgrade, we improve their business by streamlining communications, expanding flexibility, and improving customer satisfaction.

We have found that the use of video conferencing solutions has exploded.  From Zoom meetings to Teams meetings and beyond.   And in our discussions with the executive levels of organizations, we have learned that many executives who did not favor work from home team members are now reevaluating their position.  They have found that with the right technology, and the right commitments, having employees work from home is not as bad as they initially thought it would be.  And in many cases, it has improved production and talent outreach.

And we have seen many organizations take their cyber security profile much more seriously.  The risks when you have work from home employees can be much greater than when everyone is in a somewhat controlled office atmosphere.  The bad guys are out there and they are relentlessly attacking. FBI studies have shown heavy increases in cyber-attacks and they expect it to continue.  The bad guys know that your home systems are not as secure normally as your office and they use your home connection as a way to attack.

I hope that we have built enough trust in our 26 years supporting you and your neighbors and I hope that you will think of us whenever you want a true IT partner that knows their stuff and will act in your best interests.  That is Preferred Technology Solutions and my team is here to help you in any way that we can.  Please go to www.preferredtechnology.com or call us at 972-644-1992 to discuss the many ways we can assist you in reaching your goals and exceeding your expectations

Neil Medwed


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Neil Medwed