Letter from the President – February

What’s coming is totally different from what is. Think about that statement for a moment, and how real this is. I attended a technology conference this week and the keynote was a Futurist. He was one of the best speakers that I have heard in a long time as it made me think deeply about the world we live in today and what the future holds.  For example, do you remember Napster? It was the beginning of that concept called music from the cloud. Back then, we used to pay $20 for a CD. Today you can pay $10 per month on Spotify for 50 million songs.  Think of Blockbuster of yesterday versus Netflix of today. Most of us love old cars and trucks. Do you know that one day soon they will stop producing diesel engines because of the rise of electric cars? Computers used to be dumb. Now they are getting smarter with artificial intelligence, facial recognition, etc. And everything is moving to the Cloud. Why is this? It is because there is unlimited processing power, it’s easily scalable, and it is just a click away.  

Science-Fiction is becoming Science-Fact.   Machine learning is growing exponentially and robots will become a part of our life.  Robots will be equipped with thousands of responses based on the series of words that we ask them. It makes me think of the Blade Runner movies. What was discussed was whether robots could one day replace humans. He said to first ask yourself “what makes a human, human”? He listed the following: Purpose, curiosity, foresight, critical thinking, imagination, and passion.  Because those things are true, it will be difficult for robots to totally replace us. He said that the more important question is “Can a role be replaced by a robot”?  For many roles, the answer is yes. So with this said, a key to our future and especially the future to your business is creating positive “experiences”. Why? Because experiences cannot be replaced by robots.  So it is important to ask yourself, “Why are we doing this and who is doing it?” From the answer to that question, create the best customer experience you can with everything we do.

He said that a mega shift is happening and it’s true. We at Preferred Technology Solutions want to help you make this shift.  It is important to have the right technology to enable your business. So ask yourself whether you have the right technology in your company.  Many, if they are honest, know that they do not, which is an issue. Today more than ever, it is important to use available technology to the fullest.  It is also imperative to be strategic in your thinking and we are here to help. For example, we can help you improve your customer experiences using the right communication methodology.  It is important how you interact with customers, vendors, and teammates because it makes a difference. The more efficient you can be, the better. We also want to help you understand the Cloud and its many possibilities. 

In closing, the skills of tomorrow will be much different than the skills of today.  That is just a fact. We need people to make information, not just download information. We need the human race to be creators and innovators who can develop the world of our future.  Remember, what’s coming is totally different from what is. So please allow your friends at Preferred Technology Solutions to help you navigate the technology world that we live in today, and as importantly, allow us to help you create your business of the future.