Letter from the President – December

It is that time when we look back and reflect on the last year.  For most it is a time of Joy, celebrating the holidays.  For others, there can be some sadness.  I wish each and everyone health, happiness and success.  And if you know of anyone who can use a hand, please do what you can to lend one.  A call or an invite may be all that it takes to turn the sadness into happiness.  

And I hope that as we reflect on the year, that we can examine our accomplishments as well as the areas that need improvement.  For me, 2019 was a good year.  Our company grew in revenues and profitability, and we gained many new clients.  Probably the most satisfying accomplishment was that Preferred Technology Solutions was able to advance the security profile of many of our clients.  In years past, when we talked about cyber risks, but it was not always received to be as important to the client Organization as it was to us, and as important as we feel it should have been.  2019 was a year when more and more Executives took Data Security seriously and invested their hard earned dollars to protect their environments.   

2019 was also a year of transition for many clients.  Our Managed and Co-managed service offerings gained steam.    As we all know, there is a shortage of quality technical staff.  Unemployment is at historic lows, and when it relates to Information Technology, it is even worse.  Many clients are allowing the PTS team to either become their fully outsourced IT partner, or allow us to team with their internal IT department to provide the Organization the family of resources that they need.   Because of the make-up of the PTS team, we are uniquely qualified to provide the high level resources to satisfy practically any need.

2019 was also a year of Application Development.  We had many of our clients reach out to us for SharePoint and other App Development needs.  Because of our affiliation with the Trust X Alliance, we were able to bring great resources to bear and to complete many high level projects.  This is something fairly new to us and we see this as a growth area going forward.

From the personal side, my wife Diane and I celebrated 26 years of marriage and PTS celebrated 25 years of serving you, our Clients.  She is my best friend and my true love and I am blessed to call her mine.  PTS celebrating 25 years is a feat not enjoyed by many.  We are proud to be here and look forward to many, many more years of making a difference.  My sister received a much needed Kidney from a live donor and is doing great as she recovers.  And we were able to celebrate our family vacation in Mexico for the first time with my 15 month old Grandson. It was a dream for me as I was able to share family travel with the new generation.  I truly hope that I can help instill the value of family time and travel with him and that he will come to enjoy it as much as I do.

And I reflect on my teammates at Preferred, and how much they have grown in 2019.  In our industry, I like to say that you are either moving forward in your technical knowledge or you are falling back.  There is no such thing as staying still.  We make it a priority to continuously train our people and we hold each other to high standards.   That makes what we do fulfilling.  Individually we have grown as technology professionals as collectively as a company, we have gotten better and better at serving our clients.  Because of this, there are not many if any that are as well rounded as we are and that have the intense drive to completely satisfy our clients. 

So to conclude, when I reflect on 2019, I smile.   I smile because our client relationships have grown as have our internal relationships.  Preferred has grown as a company and we are better able to help our clients reach their goals.  My Family is in a real good place and the Preferred Family has expanded.  So as the holidays come upon us, and we have family close, it is my and our true wish that you and yours are healthy, happy and successful.  That you can hold your family close and that you appreciate all the Lord has given you.  And please, please, please, thank the men and women who serve.  Help lift them up and pray for their safety.  We are a family and a community and we appreciate you.  Happy Holidays and may 2020 be your best year ever!!


Neil Medwed