How Network Monitoring Increases Revenue

Network monitoring is when the operation of a computer network is overseen using specific management software tools. Network monitoring is done to ensure overall performance and availability of hosts and network services. The network monitoring system can detect and report failures of connections or particular devices. When failures, exceptionally slow response or other unpredictable behavior is detected, these systems deliver alerts to particular locations such as a phone number, email address or management server, so system administrators can be notified. There are many benefits to this practice, and below we discuss how network monitoring increases revenue.


Early Warnings

Quality network monitoring system (NMS) software increases business value by warning IT staff and system operators of potential problems, outages and other system issues as it constantly monitors threshold settings, calculates end user response time and alerts IT staff to important log file messages. With an NMS organizations can plan proactively to repair or expand systems before a problem occurs and turns into downtime that is very costly in business.


Cost Reductions

When a business experiences unplanned downtime due to issues with the network, it costs them more money the longer that the system stays down. Measure these productivity costs by calculating the average revenue generated per employee per hour against the yearly hours of total downtime. Then there is the price of diagnostic and repair costs and the bills from vendors as well as the hourly salaries of IT staff to come and take care of the issues. When you have an NMS in place, you will slash these costs exponentially by getting ahead of the problems before they get out of hand.


Save Your Reputation

When your systems go down, it can generate lost revenue via customer transactions that have failed. This makes your business look unprofessional and hurts your reputation, leading to a loss of profits because you’re losing repeat business. An NMS can prevent this situation from occurring and keep your business running smoothly at all times.


Stay in Control

Get in front of your schedule with an NMS instead of being controlled by unexpected problems with your network. Since the NMS provides real metrics, you can coordinate IT easily with your business goals. Instead of operating on instinct and not dealing with problems until they are out of hand, companies can link IT assets to business functions through a business process outlook of its network. By having reports about the performance of particular servers, for example, you can decide which ones to replace first based on how they are affecting customer satisfaction levels. This paints a clear picture instead of just blindly pulling servers that may be slow, but not actually negatively impacting sales.

There are many benefits to a business that employs network monitoring. If you have any questions about how a network monitoring system can help your company, contact us today. Our friendly staff is happy to assist you!