The Financial Benefits of Outsourcing IT

Businesses have plenty of motivation to outsource. Outside service providers often have specialized knowledge in a certain business function. When a business outsources manufacturing, they do so to cut costs while increasing productivity. For example, outsourcing payroll eliminates the cost of hiring on a payroll specialist (or overburdening an existing HR director). Outsourcing IT can positively affect your bottom line and leave you more satisfied with your technology.

Outsourcing IT Changes the Way You Budget Technology

If you haven’t tried outsourcing IT before, you probably view your technology budget as a black hole. Besides paying your in-house IT staff, you also constantly have to pour money into new hardware, new software and new items that you’ll rarely use. It’s inefficient – and there is a better way.

When you start outsourcing IT to a managed service provider, you can start viewing IT as a monthly variable cost that can scale up or down to fit your specific needs. You won’t have to worry about sunk costs or buying things you just don’t need for a single use.

Technology budgeting is a thorn in the side of small business managers because it always feels like fighting a rising tide. It’s hard to justify spending money on a new piece of hardware when it might be obsolete next year. Outsourcing IT places that burden on the service provider. We’ll make sure our hardware and practices are up to date so we can provide you with state of the industry service.

Outsourcing IT Creates an Economy of Scale

Managed service providers are in a unique position. The capabilities of a professional IT services organization would be excessive for one small business. Service providers are able to provide quality that their clients would otherwise be unable to afford for extremely competitive prices. Outsourcing IT creates a mutually beneficial relationship that gives you more bang for your buck while helping your service provider prepare for the future.

By outsourcing IT, you are able to access technology that was previously reserved for your much larger competitors. This levels the playing field and helps you stay competitive and achieve your goals, whatever they might be.

Outsourcing IT Makes Your Business More Efficient

Outsourcing IT is about more than just minimizing the technology line in your budget. Once you implement a strong suite of managed services, you’ll notice that your business as a whole is performing better. Bottlenecks and downtime indirectly cost your business a huge amount of money every year. Great IT helps fix these problems by automating your workflows, smoothing your processes, and eliminating downtime. When your business runs like a well-oiled machine, your customers will notice – outsourcing IT creates a happier, healthier and more prosperous business environment.
If your business is growing and looking to leverage IT solutions to prepare for the future or address current challenges, outsourcing IT may be just what you need. At Preferred Technology Solutions, our top priority is designing the right solution for your business. That could be a modest tweak to your current setup or a complete overhaul of your network infrastructure. That process can start with a single call or message – there’s no catch. Reach out today if you’d like to discuss outsourcing IT.