Examples of Wireless Solutions in Action

Wireless products offer your company the opportunity to reach peak levels of success. With mobile devices, the evolution of business delivery is revolutionized. Enterprise mobility can help your company deliver grade A customer service, grow more efficient, and increase revenue. By becoming more mobile, you can work where your business takes you, connect with others instantly, and efficaciously collaborate. With the innovation of technology, you might come across a few road bumps along the way. Thankfully the wireless solutions provided by Preferred Technology will keep them at bay.

What is a wireless product?

Wireless technologies can be used for simple tasks, such as making a phone call or as complex as applying wireless accessibility to an entire college campus. These applications are geared toward a organization’s productivity and accessibility. A few products that are available right now are: mobile broadband, smartphones, tablets, mobile office, and mobile point of sale. If you are unsure what product line you need to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to ask!

How do you use wireless solutions securely?

According to a research study by Tom Wailgum, Wireless Definition and Solutions, “75% of respondents are currently undertaking a wireless project.” Wailgum further solidifies the need for technology to be monitored and secured. Wireless solutions include asset tracking, mobile security and surveillance, mobile workforce management, remote monitoring, and a network extender for business. Our wireless solutions will give you the chance to free yourself from the chains of your desk, increase communication, and maintain your budget while keeping you up to date with your wireless products.

Who is using wireless solutions?

Intel has already instituted their WiGig technology that auto-connects multiple monitors to networks and USB peripherals. They have developed a team that deals with their mobility and productivity with Intel Wireless-GNSS, a product that enables persistent location awareness and support.

Cisco wireless feature mobility solutions that include 802.11ac addresses the growth of wireless traffic and allows highly secure mobility. Both established companies have invested into wireless solutions because of the flexibility and control they can maintain over their networks. They aim for the best customer experience and give a great example on how to correctly do business.
Learn more about how our wireless technology solutions can help your organization become more productive and profitable: Preferred Technology Solutions.