Why Effective IT Solutions Are the Best Choice For Your Business

Not all IT service providers are created equally. When you’re investing in a service that is critical to the survival of your business, you don’t want to enter into it lightly. This is why you need Effective IT solutions to work with your already existing IT department, or as your soul technology solution. Preferred Technology solutions is reliable, with top notch experienced employees and solid leadership. Here’s just a few of the many reasons why you should be working with us.


Getting to Know You

At Preferred Technology Solutions, we do more than show up and plug you in. We have a systematic and individualized approach to diagnosing and delivering what you need. It starts with getting to know you in a direct conversation, without any robotic systems to deal with or only e-mails. We send only our enterprise-level engineers to talk with our clients first hand, so you know you won’t be speaking to a lower level employee without the correct knowledge as a go-between.


Our Unique Systemic Approach

We follow a simple and effective formula for that has lasted the test of time. Once we have had our conversation, we analyze everything from your business practices to the issues you may have, and where you will go in the future. From there we design a solution that is custom made for your situation, by using the latest IT products available and implementing ideal practice principles. Next, we procure the best available products from the trusted contacts that we have established over the past several decades to meet your needs. When we have procured the items we need, our plan is implemented and tested. Finally, support is ongoing as part of our practice.


What Services Are available

It’s easier to say what IT services aren’t available because we can meet all your needs. We offer a range of technology solutions from network security, to data backup and recovery, to cloud computing and unified communications. We only use the most current solutions that give you the most up-to-date security to protect your network and keep things running smoothly. If you can avoid technological breakdowns, you won’t be wasting any time. We know time equals money in the business world. Preferred Technology Solutions is available for tech support, on-site training and more.


Our Solid Leadership

What makes a solid company is solid leadership. Our president, Neil Melwed has over 30 years experience in the D/FW technology industry. He founded Preferred Technology Solutions with his wife in 1994. They believe in the principles of meeting clients specific needs, which is you get such personalized attention. Another important principle they believe in is consistent service before, during and after the sale of only the highest quality. The company has sponsored events such as the Teddy Bear Ride to benefit abused children of Collin County. Preferred Technology Solutions has established a solid reputation in the technology community and partnered with only the best companies such as HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, Sony, Juniper and more.


Do not hesitate to contact Preferred Technology Solutions for any of your IT needs, or even with a question to get you started!