Should you choose Android or Apple?

One of the major questions of the current technology generation: Android or Apple? Each one has its benefits and loyal users, but which one is the best, and how do you choose? You need a little help from the experts who can break down the benefits of each. Consider what it is you need in a device, and then explore the benefits of each platform. Let’s settle the Great Android or Apple Debate.


Benefits of Google Android

One of the biggest differences between Android and Apple is the varying designs of Android phones. When you are looking at Android phones, you will notice that the manufacturer modifies its own devices. When you choose Android, it comes down to your cell phone carrier and the manufacturer of the device, which means the models and functions vary from one to the other. Prices for Android devices are more accommodating for various budgets because multiple manufacturers can create devices that are set at different prices. Apple is the only manufacturer for its devices and pricing is what it is.


The new Android operating system is the Android 5.0 Lollipop. The new Lollipop operating system supports 64-bit processors. Android Lollipop has OpenGL ES 3.1 for game playing. Google Play is installed on android devices, but Android devices also allow users to download third-party apps directly from developers’ sites. Apps are generally cheaper for Android devices. Another important benefit of the Android system is the cross-platform functions that make it easier for users to interact with other files from different developers. Apple’s requires software developers to abide by strict rules before being approved to get software into iOS.


Benefits of Apple

Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer, and with good reason. First, support is everywhere. If you live close to a mall, you can likely find an Apple store that can help you with your Apple questions and snafus. Apple has also made it easier to take the guesswork out of choosing a phone; they are the only creators and do not sell multiple models at a time. There are currently over 70 different Android devices in the market, and only a handful of Apple products to choose from; this ensures that users get the latest software and technology available to date. The Apple design is simple, fluid, and easy to use. It does not take long to adapt to your new Apple device. Not to mention that Apple has the best-looking products on the market.


The new Apple operating system is the iOS 8, which is a 64-bit operating system running on 64-bit hardware. Apple typically outperforms Android devices. Apple also has complete control of its apps sold through the iTunes store. Many apps on the market are developed solely for Apple devices, which means they are not offered for Android devices. For consumers who have many Apple products, a project can be started on an Apple desktop, opened on a MacBook, and then finished on a smartphone without any interruptions. For gamers, Apple released Metal, which is more impressive than the OpenGL system still used on Android devices.


With this knowledge, hopefully now you can decide whether an Android or Apple product is better suited to your needs!