How to Know if You Need a Wireless Access Point

Are you in the process of simplifying your networking hardware devices? Don’t overcomplicate the situation if you don’t have to – find out if you actually need a wireless access point before you start drilling.

Where to Position Your Wireless Access Point

The time before wireless access points was a weave of tangled cable cords. It meant that cables were run through walls and ceilings in order to properly provide network access throughout your entire building. It’s time to step towards the future with wireless access points.

Examples of Wireless Solutions in Action

By becoming more mobile, you can work wherever your business takes you, connect with others instantly, and efficaciously collaborate. With the innovation of technology, you might come across a few road bumps along the way. Thankfully, the wireless solutions provided by Preferred Technology will keep them at bay.

Things to Consider if You’re Looking into Wireless Solutions

When wireless support is implemented your business will experience greater portability, flexibility, and production. Although wireless support is critical for a business’s survival there are a few things to consider before you begin looking into wireless solutions.

Wireless Surveillance Systems VS Conventional Video Surveillance Systems

There are pros and cons to both wireless and conventional video surveillance systems. Learn which system better fits your business.

Top 5 Benefits of Wireless Surveillance Systems

Using a wireless surveillance system for your business provides several benefits that you can’t get from conventional systems.

How To Secure Your Company's Wireless Internet

Internet security becomes increasingly important as the threats…