How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Make Your Voice Heard

Are you looking for a way to broaden your reach on LinkedIn? The site already provides you
with plenty of valuable networking tools for business and personally, but now there is a new
way to reach out, with LinkedIn Publishing. What started as an experiment with select
members is now open to everyone on LinkedIn for use. This means there is going to be
much more content on LinkedIn, and you’ll have to stand out by creating quality publishings.

What is LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

The LinkedIn Publishing Platform is a new way for users to publish their own content by
writing articles and blogs that tell your story and share your expertise and knowledge. Once
they are available on the platform, links to them will show up at the top of your profile. This
way you can write a blog without having to sign up on a separate website or launch your own.
If you’re not familiar with this platform, we have some suggestions on how to use it to make
your voice heard amongst millions of other users.

Blogging Ideas

LinkedIn Publishing is an excellent way for you to share your personal experiences and
professional insights. If you’ve never blogged before, we have a few ideas to get you started:

  • Gain respect by admitting to challenges you’ve faced in your career and how you
    overcame them.
  • Give advice to those who are new in your field.
  • Shed light on important skills to help advance your career.
  • Write about current trends in your industry.
  • Discuss new technologies or apps you enjoy.

LinkedIn also gives you some guidelines on what to publish if you need help getting started.
Be sure to add stunning visuals that will add to your story, and even include videos that will
make your point stick with the reader. Hyperlinks added are a great addition that extend past
your blog.

Post Your Publishing Elsewhere

To reach more readers and potential business contacts, go outside of LinkedIn. Share the
post on other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This gives you more
chances to have your blog shared, which increases your presence in online searches.

Read the Comments

If you want people that read your posts to take you seriously, you have to manage your
comments. Make sure that you are responding to those who have taken the time to reflect on
your publishing. This is especially valuable if people that are writing to you are outside of your
network, because you the chance to make new connections, and it shows you how far your
posts are reaching.

Personalize the Post

Within the body of the post, you should make your own bio section. Write a few sentences
that tell who you are, what you do, or any other relevant information like volunteer work or
accolades. You can link your personal web page or blog if you have one.

blog video surveillance

3 Reasons YOUR Business Needs Video Surveillance

You do not have to own a large business or corporation to benefit from video surveillance. Any business can become the victim of theft and suspicious activity. A surveillance system prides consumers, employees, and business with added peace of mind and security inside and outside of the establishment. Whether you have one office or multiple locations, you can have an eye on each building to maximize the security and safety of everyone. Discover the top three reasons why your business needs a video surveillance system.


Video surveillance is a way business owners can encourage accountability within the office walls. The monitoring system supports the business owner with mitigating threats, resolving customer-employee disputes, and identifying the truth in certain incidents. If a conflict arises, the business owner can refer back to video footage and voice recordings, if necessary, to review the instance and obtain an objective account of the incident. Video surveillance is also a great teaching resource. When you are training new employees, they can see what a standard workday really looks like: phone call volume, client interactions, workflow expectations, and other job-specific tasks. Business owners can also use the footage to teach employees how to act and how not to respond to security threats, customer interactions, and office situations.

Deters suspicious activity

Suspicious activity can occur within the workplace or from outside forces. Suspicious activity cab be anything from employee interactions and activities to criminal behavior. A person who intends to cause harm to you, your employees or your business are less likely to do so if they think they will be caught. When a video system is in place, people tend to be on their best behavior. You and your employees will feel safer knowing that if something happens within and around the office walls, someone is looking out for you.

Provides assistance to the authorities

There are many instances when authorities may contact you for the video footage you have acquired. Business owners have been asked to provide footage in insurance suits and worker’s comp cases. The ol’ slip-and-fall lawsuit can be squashed by video surveillance if the injured party was negligent or the act was intentional. Assistance can also be sought out if your business becomes the victim of criminal activity. Video surveillance can spot the person involved in the activity and provide the authorities with a time-stamped account of what happened when the criminal activity occurred. If law enforcement knows you have a video system, they may also contact you to see if your cameras captured activity that occurred outside of the building. Law enforcement has been using video surveillance videos to track people who go missing, rob establishments, witness events, and engage in criminal activity.

Thinking about getting video surveillance for your business? We can help.

Let’s chat today about the benefits of video surveillance and discover the right solution to meet YOUR company’s needs. Contact us now!


4 Reasons to Switch from Coffee to Tea

 Yes, it can be done. It IS possible to give up the bitter, overpriced brew that leaves you jittery and empty inside. Are you able to give up your morning addiction? If you are like many Americans, the thought of giving up your morning cup of Joe is incomprehensible. Plus, what will you reach for in the morning? The answer—tea. Listen up to the 4 reasons why you should switch from coffee to tea.


  1. Buying tea is much cheaper

How much do you pay for a pound of coffee or fancy coffee drink? You might be surprised by the drastic difference in cost when you walk up to the counter and order a cup of tea instead of a cup of coffee. More money is always a perk, but as a virtuoso coffee drinker, you probably need a little more convincing.

  1. Your body will thank you for tea power

Coffee has been associated with common digestive issues such as discomfort, indigestion, heartburn and GERD. Coffee also increases your stress hormones, but tea is a warm cup of relaxation and tension relief. Not to mention that coffee is a natural diuretic. Instead of dehydrating you, tea assists in balancing your body’s fluid intake. You can drink your tea hot or cold and still benefit from its hydrating powers. Some research indicates that green tea may also assist your body’s metabolism, which means you can shed a few pounds. Think about that: an extra 400 calories with a whipped, caramel concoction, or shed a few pound with a refreshing cup of tea.

  1. Tea is better for your teeth and bones

Coffee is a big ol’ cup of acidity. The acid in coffee eats away at the enamel on your teeth and it stains your teeth an unpleasant shade of yellow. Tea may actually be better for your teeth when compared to your morning cup of coffee. Because of the fluoride in the water, you may actually be giving your teeth a little boost in preventing cavities. There is good news for your other bones as well. According to an Australian study, regular tea drinkers were less likely to develop osteoporosis.

  1. It just makes you feel better

Coffee drinkers become stuck in a vicious cycle of low serotonin. Serotonin is necessary for sleep, bowel movements, energy and your mood. If serotonin levels are off, a person is not likely getting enough sleep or feel refreshed, so, as a result, he/she will ingest more coffee. Tea is much simpler than that. Tea is blended to soothe, relax, ease discomfort and enhance a person’s mood overall. Tea is used as an anti-depressant and illness-fighter in many different cultures.


Don’t give in to the coffee hype; share a cup of tea with your family and friends! You’ll feel better for it – after you get over the coffee withdrawal, that is.



unified communications

3 Important Benefits Of Unified Communications


How much easier would your work day be if you and all of your employees were on the same page?

How much simpler would task completion become if you could communicate effectively?

With Unified Communications, it’s all possible. Here are the top 3 benefits of implementing a unified communications solution:


Improved Customer Service

With Unified Communications, a better overall experience is created for the customer because it encourages collaborative working and makes it easier to reach people effectively.

When people are easier to reach, everyone benefits.

Problems can be resolved more quickly, and people at different locations can be brought together as if they are in the same room.


Ever wondered what it would be like to work from anywhere?

With Unified Communications, it’s possible! The whole world becomes your office. All you need is an internet connection and a device like a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Maybe you’ve avoided working remotely because you’re worried about how your productivity would be affected. With Unified Communications, you can rest assured that you’ll still be able to reach your co-workers with ease. You can even hold meetings, video chat, send instant messages, and more!


Think about it. When you can’t communicate effectively, you can’t work effectively. If you’re waiting around for information, you’re stuck. Progress is slowed.

Not only does this affect you – it affects the company as a whole.

With unified communications, you can get productive and stay that way.


Ready to take advantage of all of these benefits and more?

Preferred Technology Solutions can provide you with the Unified Communications solution that YOU need.

We truly understand that, to run your business at an optimal level, good employee communication is critical. Let’s work together to revolutionize your communication, help your business become more successful, and make your work day easier.


Contact us today!


managed services

7 Ways Outsourcing Your IT Services Can Improve Your Business

Everything we do, personally and professionally, is done with technology. We use technology and the internet nearly every minute of the day. The presence of technology in the workforce has increased production and efficiency, but it has also inspired the need for a specialized team to monitor and service the software and devices on which we rely. If you were not a tech expert, in the past you would have had to hire a person or a team to handle the technology. Not today; you can employ managed services to improve your business.


Overview of Managed Services

You have likely heard the term ‘managed services,’ but it may not have really resonated with you until now. A simple explanation of managed services: the 24/7 monitoring and managing IT services solution provided by a third-party company. Managed services include software update, security monitoring, backup recovery, error and file resolution, and IT system maintenance. Services are provided on a monthly subscription basis.


How Can My Business Benefit?

When you unload your IT services duties onto another person or company, you are entrusting them with your company’s lifeline, so you want to make sure it is safe and worth it. It’s okay to give up control every once in a while, and here’s why:

  • Companies can tailor a managed-services subscription that accommodates specific needs, workload and size. Business owners can choose services they need to remain competitive and efficient, without paying for software or services that drain the wallet instead of padding it.
  • It is no longer the responsibility of the business owner or the employees to perform updates, backups and patches, as the new IT services team will take care of it.
  • Threats and outages are reported and identified immediately. Once a threat or user problem is identified, the service team gets to work right away to resolve the issue; this relieves users and employees of having to do so themselves.
  • Tech support and monitoring does not cease when the doors close for the day. When everyone leaves the office for the day or closes their laptops at night, monitoring and support does not take the night off; it is always on and aware of what is going on within the company’s IT system.
  • Business owners have individualized access to their systems, as the managed services providers provide users with a dashboard that permits him/her to monitor historical data, performance information, security threats, downtime, and service tickets easily.
  • If you are in an industry that requires specific systems and compliance regulations, a managed services solution can assist you with remaining compliant. The burden is lifted off the business owner’s shoulders and trusted with the provider. Instead of you having to remember every new update or regulation, the managed services team takes care of the details for the company.
  • Recovery is swift and instantaneous. Managed services permit your company to pick right up where it left off. If a user is working remotely, a natural or man-made disaster occurs, or the company is the victim or criminal activity, the company can resume business as normal, with no interruptions or threat to security. Managed services should be included in every company’s disaster recovery plan.


If you’d like to gain these benefits and more, contact Preferred Technology Solutions today!

android or apple

Should you choose Android or Apple?

One of the major questions of the current technology generation: Android or Apple? Each one has its benefits and loyal users, but which one is the best, and how do you choose? You need a little help from the experts who can break down the benefits of each. Consider what it is you need in a device, and then explore the benefits of each platform. Let’s settle the Great Android or Apple Debate.


Benefits of Google Android

One of the biggest differences between Android and Apple is the varying designs of Android phones. When you are looking at Android phones, you will notice that the manufacturer modifies its own devices. When you choose Android, it comes down to your cell phone carrier and the manufacturer of the device, which means the models and functions vary from one to the other. Prices for Android devices are more accommodating for various budgets because multiple manufacturers can create devices that are set at different prices. Apple is the only manufacturer for its devices and pricing is what it is.


The new Android operating system is the Android 5.0 Lollipop. The new Lollipop operating system supports 64-bit processors. Android Lollipop has OpenGL ES 3.1 for game playing. Google Play is installed on android devices, but Android devices also allow users to download third-party apps directly from developers’ sites. Apps are generally cheaper for Android devices. Another important benefit of the Android system is the cross-platform functions that make it easier for users to interact with other files from different developers. Apple’s requires software developers to abide by strict rules before being approved to get software into iOS.


Benefits of Apple

Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer, and with good reason. First, support is everywhere. If you live close to a mall, you can likely find an Apple store that can help you with your Apple questions and snafus. Apple has also made it easier to take the guesswork out of choosing a phone; they are the only creators and do not sell multiple models at a time. There are currently over 70 different Android devices in the market, and only a handful of Apple products to choose from; this ensures that users get the latest software and technology available to date. The Apple design is simple, fluid, and easy to use. It does not take long to adapt to your new Apple device. Not to mention that Apple has the best-looking products on the market.


The new Apple operating system is the iOS 8, which is a 64-bit operating system running on 64-bit hardware. Apple typically outperforms Android devices. Apple also has complete control of its apps sold through the iTunes store. Many apps on the market are developed solely for Apple devices, which means they are not offered for Android devices. For consumers who have many Apple products, a project can be started on an Apple desktop, opened on a MacBook, and then finished on a smartphone without any interruptions. For gamers, Apple released Metal, which is more impressive than the OpenGL system still used on Android devices.


With this knowledge, hopefully now you can decide whether an Android or Apple product is better suited to your needs!

3 Important Benefits of an Avaya VOIP Phone System

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to boost productivity and save money. While doing so, it’s important to consider the technology that you use on a daily basis, understand how that technology works, and make changes and upgrades to your technology when necessary.

An Avaya VoiP phone system is a perfect example of a technology upgrade that can offer you both immediate and long term benefits.

Here are a few ways your organization can benefit from using an Avaya VoiP phone system.

An Avaya Voip Phone System Can Save You Money

In an immediate sense, investing in better technology may seem like a financial burden instead of a way to save money. However, it IS actually a good way to save money in the long run. Think about it – if your sub-par technology is keeping you from doing your job productively, your downtime is adding up. Downtime translates to lost money!

With an Avaya VoiP phone system, you get the best collaboration tools in the business for a reduced, reasonable price.

An Avaya VoiP Phone System Grows With Your Company

When you choose VoiP by Avaya, you can feel confident knowing that your phones and communication can easily scale with your company. So, if you expand and grow, you can also easily expand your collaboration network by simply adding new hardware or updating your current software.

An Avaya VoiP Phone System Improves Customer Service

Avaya VoiP Phone systems make it easy for your customers to quickly get in touch with the proper employee at your company. Also, the systems improve communication between employees so that they are able to work together easily to ensure that customer issues are swiftly resolved.


Overall, you should invest in an Avaya VoiP phone system if you’d like to improve collaboration, gain a communication that is simply scalable, and save money.

Here at Preferred, we specialize in providing companies with the Avaya VoiP phone system that best suits their needs. We want to help you next!

For more information or to set up a free consultation, contact us today!




5 Simple Ways To Promote Yourself On LinkedIn

Whether or not you are a fan of social media, it is undeniable that there are perks to using this medium to advertise your professional skill set. LinkedIn is the primary way that professionals connect with each other. There are many features to this business oriented profile, and with a few tricks you can easily promote yourself on LinkedIn maximize what LinkedIn has to offer.

Promote Yourself On LinkedIn to Market Your Skills

  1. First, choose how you want to market yourself. What you put on your page will matter, so make sure it is truthful and accurate. Fill out your initial outline of job experience, making sure to highlight your strong points. Also, be sure that the information on your LinkedIn profile matches the information on your resume. Even a small slip up could come across as dishonestly instead of a mere typo.
  2. LinkedIn is a great way to emphasize the direction you are headed. If you want to move towards working more in the medical field, be sure that is clear on your profile. Information can be curtailed to highlight relevant experience rather than look like a list of mismatched jobs through the years.
  3. Filling out your resume information is just the beginning. Next, find friends, family and professional affiliates and add them as connections. There are also groups that you can join. Often times these are specific to your geographic area. Once you join, become active. This can open up additional connections and job opportunities.

Promote Yourself On LinkedIn To Gain Valuable Business Connections

  1. Be sure to search for co-workers or past employers who could give you recommendations. This is a strong feature on LinkedIn, as these are public representations of your work ethic. Employers know that these are real, because they can click through to the person who wrote the recommendation and view their profile. Make sure to return the favor by doing recommendations for others.
  2. Keep your profile up to date and congruent with your career goals. The more active you are on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to gain something from your efforts. Always maintain a professional demeanor while communicating in groups or events. Even if you feel comfortable with your connections, the things you write could be visible to employers.

Using LinkedIn is a great way to boost your visibility in the professional arena. With a little diligence, you could find yourself making meaningful connections in the business field.

New “Bash” Security Threat Surfaces – Preferred Technology can help ensure that you are protected with our “Effective IT” Solutions

Do you remember the catastrophic “Heartbleed” security bug that started wreaking havoc on people and businesses in April?

Well, a new security bug has surfaced, and it is being referred to as “Bash.” It has been widely stated that this bug will be even more disastrous than Heartbleed was.

If your system falls victim to Bash, an unauthorized user could gain control of your entire system! That could be completely devastating for your company.

To learn more about the severity of Bash, click here.

In the midst of this harrowing announcement, there IS good news – Preferred Technology can help ensure that you are protected with our “Effective IT” Solutions.

Remember, here at Preferred Technology, we are the security and data recovery experts! Contact us today, and let’s work together to keep your assets safe.

The Top 3 Reasons You Need IT Consulting To Succeed

Hiring a consultant is a common practice by many companies, and usually proves to be very beneficial. Consultants are masters in their trade and no matter their background, they aim to apply their expertise to your company with the goal of making an improvement. IT consultants are no different in this regard. Here are the top three reasons you need IT consulting to succeed:

1. IT consultants are up to date on the latest technology and strategies. It’s their job to be the best. This is particularly important for smaller businesses who may have a limited budget to hire IT staff. When you hire a consultant you are bringing someone in who has a multitude of experience and skills. IT consultants pride themselves in bringing cost effective solutions to companies, saving them money, time and stress. Many times IT consultants are able to think outside the box and offer solutions that may not have been apparent or obvious.

2. Money management and budgeting is often times the cornerstone to a company’s success. By utilizing IT consulting you are able to lay out your goals and collectively explore IT options that will decrease spending, manage risk and increase production. While technology is necessary to a business, it is often times faulty. No business owner wants to spend time and money on an unexpected IT crisis. IT consultants are able to assess your current IT infrastructure and identify areas of risk. By proactively addressing these ticking time bombs you will reduce the money you would spend every time you pick up the phone for the IT repair man.

3. As a business owner it can be very difficult to see your company from an objective standpoint. After all, you have poured your blood, sweat and tears in to this! When you open your doors to an IT consultant you are adding a fresh set of eyes in to assess what isn’t working right for you. This is instantly beneficial, and can prove to be invaluable. You pride yourself in being an expert at your trade, so it would make sense to bring in an IT professional to give you a new perspective as to what may work best for your needs.

Reaching out to an IT consultant is the first step to reaching your business goals. Not only will you be able to save money on IT expenses and reduce risks, IT consultants will provide you with the best solution to what your unique needs are. They offer an outside view, which is hard to come by. These reasons alone prove why you need IT consulting to succeed.