Benefits of a Video Surveillance System

The term ‘surveillance’ has taken on an identity and a stigma of its own. When we hear the word, “cover-up,” monitoring and intrusion come to mind for many. Let’s take a look at a different side of video surveillance. Video surveillance provides businesses large and small with a plethora of benefits that can end up saving business owner’s time and money in the long run.


Video Surveillance by the Numbers

Video surveillance is a way for businesses to keep tabs on the office, improve security, and save money on insurance costs. Crime is a major concern for many business owners, whether it’s inside the organization or an external threat. In 2010, about 10 cameras were installed in a commercial business setting to combat the issue.


Benefits of Video Surveillance in the Office

Business owners invest a great deal of time and resources into establishing and running their businesses. For most, security and safety are the top priorities. Many are turning to video surveillance systems to achieve this peace of mind. Each year, about 275 million cases of theft are reported around the globe. One in 46 cases will result in an arrest. Of arrests made, roughly 1/6 of the criminals are employees. There are more to the cameras, though. Video surveillance provides business owners with unexpected benefits that improve daily operations as well.


  • Presence alone is a deterrent

The mere presence of a camera on site—or a few cameras—has the potential to turn thieves away from your place of business.

  • Reduces insurance premiums

Insurance companies are in the business of reducing loss and limiting exposure. One way of doing so is to offer discounts for proactive safety measures. Companies and business owners can save up to 10% off insurance premiums just by adding a security system.

  • Assists law enforcement

Cameras provide law enforcement and investigators with critical footage to be admitted into evidence. Video assists in making an arrest, providing proof, and documenting the loss.

  • Establishes a renewed sense of accountability

When businesses use surveillance systems, the managers and owners are better equipped with the tools they need to improve training and daily operations. As managers and other essential personnel notice habits, changes, or concerns, they can use the videos as training tools to correct the action or circumstances. Video cameras also put employees on alert that they need to be diligent with the daily activities. In turn, productivity and profits increase.

  • Helps control and monitor assets and inventory

Video surveillance assists with asset and inventory management by allowing owners and managers to look back at footage to determine where a discrepancy or illegal action may have occurred.

  • Flexible systems

A recent report stated the costs for a 10-camera system costs nearly $14,000. Video surveillance is flexible, allowing business owners to devise a system that works with both their budgets and security concerns.

  • Reduce incidents of workplace violence and sexual harassment

Workplace injuries, violence, and sexual harassment are incidents that have big impacts on a company professionally, publicly, and monetarily. Video surveillance curbs violence and sexual harassment, as well as provides authorities and investigators with any information about an incident between employees.

  • Peace of mind

Employees want to work somewhere they feel safe and secure. The threat of violence or criminal activity should not be a factor when they go to work each day. A video surveillance system allows employers to provide their employees and clients with a safe work space.


Deciding on a video surveillance system is not an easy task, but calling Preferred is! Our dedicated team of security experts take time to get to know you and your business so you can feel safe and secure when you are at the office.