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What to expect for the future of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an area of immense concern for all businesses. In the future, we can expect new cybersecurity threats to develop, including emerging AI technologies, mobile vector attacks, new email phishing scams, and new ransomware attacks, making cybersecurity solutions more vital than ever.

Are You IT Strategic? Why Companies Succeed or Fail

In today’s world of commerce, companies ignore the strategic potential of information technology at their peril. Companies in literally every industry need to consider how—not whether—to use IT as part of a business model that will allow them to thrive and grow. Not implementing IT as an integral part of a path forward will doom most companies to stagnation, decline, and eventual extinction. The Yin and Yang of Business Failure and Success: The IT Commonality at one time, some believed that only businesses engaged in commerce that directly involved IT—producers of computer software, or high tech hardware, etc.—needed to keep up with changes in technology to remain successful. Few believe that anymore given the examples of high profile companies involved in businesses not directly involved with IT that have failed due in large measure to IT shortsightedness. Among the best known of these cases are movie rental company Blockbuster and bookseller Borders. In both instances, the IT stodginess of these companies was paralleled by the IT creativity of the businesses that largely displaced them: Netflix and Amazon.com respectively.