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4 Common Cyber Threats and How to Avoid Them

Are you aware of the latest cyberattacks? Cybercriminals are always changing their approach. Some long-standing tactics, such as phishing and password attacks, are still holding strong. But with new methods constantly emerging, you need to learn more about them.

Why Should You Care About Video Surveillance Software?

Video management software (VMS) solutions are becoming a vital part of enterprise security. The right software can be configured to provide flexibility by tailoring custom solutions to a variety of third-party devices and programs. Here’s why your business needs video surveillance software.

Why Security Surveillance is Beneficial for a Business

Your business needs to be protected, but how do you go about this? Take a look at the benefits that surveillance cameras can provide to your business, and discover just how much of a difference this kind of solution could make at your workplace. You might even find that the solution pays for itself.

The Real Cost of Downtime

Running a business is about more than the supply of goods and services, it’s also about efficient processes and reliable productivity standards. You don’t just need to do a job well, you also need to do it on-time while reducing expenses and ensuring your business reputation.