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The Importance of Video Surveillance

All businesses have unique needs, but some concerns are universal. Security is one of those. Security is of the utmost importance whether you have a Fortune 500 company or a local drugstore. Video surveillance can protect your business from a variety of malicious forces. Keeping video records of activity on your property can also aid […]

3 Things Your Managed Service Provider Should Be Doing Every Month

Your business relies on IT to survive and thrive. It’s nearly impossible for a modern business to survive without properly leveraging technology. Unfortunately, many business owners choose to neglect their technology needs. Some justify this course of action by saying state-of-the-industry IT is too expensive, or that hiring a managed service provider is an unnecessary […]

Are Your Applications Vulnerable to Data Breaches?

With all this talk about how vulnerable small businesses and individuals are to hacking, it can seem like the applications we use every day are an afterthought in the battle against malware. Application security is one of the most important kinds of cybersecurity because  web applications (and mobile applications) work with staggering amounts of sensitive […]

How Safe is Your Data?

Cybercrime will cost $2 trillion by 2019. This incredible figure means that we are less than two years away from cybercrime costing enough money to fuel a G8 economy (Italy, the current eighth-largest economy in the world, has a GDP of $1.8 trillion). The staggering impact of cyber crime is compounded by the fact that […]

4 IT Changes You Can Make to Help Your Business

The modern business can never afford to stop innovating. In the current economy, there is a massive tug of war between small businesses and giant multinational corporations. It’s a battle of huge supply chains and economies of scale versus customer service and local knowledge. The good news is that with the right mindset and technology, […]

What a Help Desk Means for Your Business

As a business owner, stability is always something to strive for. It provides a platform for growth and gives you and your employees peace of mind. Unfortunately, there are plenty of factors in play that can be highly disruptive to your business. Disruptions threaten stability in both an immediate and long-term sense. When these disruptions […]

How Technology is Changing the NFL

The National Football League has come a long way. The earliest professional football games weren’t even televised. A few decades later, the Super Bowl is the most widely viewed event in the world each year. The technology involved to pull off such a spectacle year after year is mind-boggling, but the NFL continues to innovate. […]