7 Ways Outsourcing Your IT Services Can Improve Your Business

Everything we do, personally and professionally, is done with technology. We use technology and the internet nearly every minute of the day. The presence of technology in the workforce has increased production and efficiency, but it has also inspired the need for a specialized team to monitor and service the software and devices on which we rely. If you were not a tech expert, in the past you would have had to hire a person or a team to handle the technology. Not today; you can employ managed services to improve your business.


Overview of Managed Services

You have likely heard the term ‘managed services,’ but it may not have really resonated with you until now. A simple explanation of managed services: the 24/7 monitoring and managing IT services solution provided by a third-party company. Managed services include software update, security monitoring, backup recovery, error and file resolution, and IT system maintenance. Services are provided on a monthly subscription basis.


How Can My Business Benefit?

When you unload your IT services duties onto another person or company, you are entrusting them with your company’s lifeline, so you want to make sure it is safe and worth it. It’s okay to give up control every once in a while, and here’s why:

  • Companies can tailor a managed-services subscription that accommodates specific needs, workload and size. Business owners can choose services they need to remain competitive and efficient, without paying for software or services that drain the wallet instead of padding it.
  • It is no longer the responsibility of the business owner or the employees to perform updates, backups and patches, as the new IT services team will take care of it.
  • Threats and outages are reported and identified immediately. Once a threat or user problem is identified, the service team gets to work right away to resolve the issue; this relieves users and employees of having to do so themselves.
  • Tech support and monitoring does not cease when the doors close for the day. When everyone leaves the office for the day or closes their laptops at night, monitoring and support does not take the night off; it is always on and aware of what is going on within the company’s IT system.
  • Business owners have individualized access to their systems, as the managed services providers provide users with a dashboard that permits him/her to monitor historical data, performance information, security threats, downtime, and service tickets easily.
  • If you are in an industry that requires specific systems and compliance regulations, a managed services solution can assist you with remaining compliant. The burden is lifted off the business owner’s shoulders and trusted with the provider. Instead of you having to remember every new update or regulation, the managed services team takes care of the details for the company.
  • Recovery is swift and instantaneous. Managed services permit your company to pick right up where it left off. If a user is working remotely, a natural or man-made disaster occurs, or the company is the victim or criminal activity, the company can resume business as normal, with no interruptions or threat to security. Managed services should be included in every company’s disaster recovery plan.


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