5 Unexpected Benefits of Video Surveillance

The term ‘surveillance’ has earned a bad rap lately. While Americans don’t like to see cameras on the streets, or they worry about surveillance on personal devices, video monitoring is a way to protect citizens and businesses. The presence of video surveillance devices has increased tenfold over the years, and it is having quite an impact on businesses and their bottom lines. We all know about surveillance to prevent thieves and to aid in prosecution if a crime does occur, but there are hidden benefits of video surveillance as well.

Benefits of Video Surveillance

1. Improves Employee Performance and Productivity

Video surveillance gives business owners eyes in the office when they are not around. Video surveillance helps monitor computer use, personal time, cell phone use, mingling, and use of company resources. Video surveillance also aids in employee training programs. Data collected with video monitoring helps business owners implement and enforce employee policies and it aids in training new employees. When policies are established an enforced, productivity soars and employee accountability surges.

2. Aids in Harassment Policies and Prevention

Harassment in the workplace is a costly epidemic in the workforce. Sometimes victims are afraid to come forward because it is a he-said she-said situation, which can be hard to prove and prosecute. When sexual harassment occurs, business owners can be sued for establishing an unsafe work environment. Video surveillance addresses both issues. Video surveillance gives victims a voice, it helps business owners identify sexual harassment and take action against the perpetrator, and it can protect business owners if they are faced with lawsuits regarding sexual harassment in the workplace.

3. Protects Business Assets

Your business is more likely to be victimized by an employee than by a criminal off the streets. Video surveillance assists business owners in identifying suspicious activity and it protects the company’s assets. As soon as appropriate action is taken, the company can take steps to minimize and recover from the loss.

4. Reduces Workplace Violence and Injuries

In 2011, 17% of work fatalities in the US were the result of workplace violence. That is nearly 1,000 deaths per year, and it does account for injuries associated with violence. Workplace violence and damage may be curbed by the presence of a video system. Video also provides law enforcement with a critical account of a dangerous situation.

Workplace injuries are common, and so are frivolous injury claims. Video surveillance helps insurance companies and employers identify dangerous situations to avoid further injuries or concerns, and it assist in identifying false work comp claims.

5. Saves Money In insurance Costs

All the aforesaid benefits can result in a deep discount on business insurance premiums. The presence of a video surveillance system reduces the likelihood the company will experience a loss, and if they do, swift prosecution with the help of video footage allows businesses and insurance companies to recoup losses.