5 Time Management Apps for Business

The word of the day is ‘mobility,’ and businesses need to know how to utilize its resources to maximize time management and efficiency. The face of the office has changed; it is now a screen, and now on-the-go is the only way to do business to cut costs and improve productivity. Your phone and tablet are at your side constantly, so why not use each to improve your time management in and out of the office? Five of our favorite apps can help.

     1. MightyMeeting

The whiteboard and presentation-sharing app has everything you and your employees need to collaborate, present, and host meetings. The cloud-based meeting app improves time management by allowing users to upload and store content to a secure cloud, access shared folders and account info remotely, annotate and present documents, share documents, synchronize content in a conference room, and interact during meetings.

     2. Cardmunch

The more you network and explore the field, the more you will receive business cards. What do you do with all of them so you can refer to them in the future? Gone are the days of typing each contact into your phone or stuffing the cards into a folder you can rarely find when you need it. Cardmunch improves time management by allowing you to turn business cards into contacts on your smartphone or mobile device. The app is a Linkedin product that allows you to take a photo of a business card, and then the app populates and organizes the information into your mobile device so you don’t have to.

     3. Locqus

Stop pouring over time sheets and project sheets at the office. Instead, assign and track projects from your device. Locqus improves time management by allowing users to create tasks and projects and assign them to different employees. As soon as you are finished, the task shows up in the employee’s schedule. Locqus allows business owners to do more, meet with more people, and to manage time better with the click of a button, even if they are out of the office.

     4. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation, a Nuance app, is a voice transcription service that allows you to create messages, compose emails, update your Facebook status, send a clever tweet, and record spontaneous ideas while you are on the road or sitting at home. When inspiration hits, Dragon Dictation is there to capture each word quickly and accurately.

     5. Nutcache

Employers rely on the Nutcache management app daily. The company claims, “Nutcache ranks among the best collaborative solutions available.” The app allows business owners to save time by creating c teams and collaborating c online, invoicing i clients and vendors with a smart device, create tasks, monitor the company’s projects, track time on projects, and generate certain deadlines. Nutcache improves time management by allowing you to manage your team when you are at the office, in your pajamas or on the road. Wherever you are, you can use your smartphone or tablet to manage better your time and your employees’ time.