4 ways you can improve workplace communication today

4 ways you can improve workplace communication today

Workplace communication is critical to ensuring that your company meets the needs of your customers. Without proper business communication, you are likely to encounter challenges. These challenges can impact collaboration and productivity. However, you can make a positive impact today with these four ways to improve workplace communications.

Why workplace communication matters

The value of great business communication cannot be overlooked. However, some companies have not made it a priority. Only 60% of companies have a long-term strategy for internal communications. To create a strategy and work toward improving communication, you’ll need technology tools. According to research based on analyzing productivity, most employees check communication platforms (email and instant messaging) every 7.5 minutes or 40 times a day!

Is that productive or efficient? How can you deliver resources that improve business communications? Let’s find out.

Leverage the cloud

If you aren’t using the cloud to collaborate, you’re missing out on some significant advantages. Document and file sharing is simple and easy with the cloud, improving business communications because you can work together without losing efficiency.

Emailing documents back and forth creates confusion and disconnection. Details get lost, and the history of changes isn’t visible. Employing cloud-based access will be a gamechanger for communications.

Deploy VoIP for voice and video

A VoIP platform can be your hub for voice and video. Business communication is heavily reliant on these features to help everyone work together more seamlessly. The advantage of VoIP is that employees can use it from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Users can answer calls on the go, ensuring they don’t miss anything urgent. With video conferencing, employees can stay connected even if they aren’t in the same place. This type of freedom will significantly impact your employees’ ability to collaborate. It can also strengthen their relationships with one another, resulting in greater employee engagement.

Opt for instant chat instead of email

Email is great, but it has its place. When employees need quick answers or have urgent requests, instant chat is much more effective. It only takes seconds to fire off a question so they can keep moving on their project. What makes it more effective than email is that instant chat offers status indicators. Employees can easily see who is available to help them, so they don’t waste time chasing each other down. With a means to instantly communicate, your team will be able to support one another better.

Create BYOD standards

BYOD (bring your own device) has become a popular way to enhance business communications. Employees often use their own devices to chat, email, or call. It’s more convenient for them and reduces hardware costs for you.

However, you’ll need to develop standards about how they use their own smartphones, especially if communications include private or protected information. Your BYOD guidelines must address security measures. Because you are using the cloud for your communication, there are stringent and best-in-class security measures already in place to ensure ease of use and security.

Improve business communications today

Now that you know how business communications can be improved with the right tools, it’s time to make a change to empower your team. Contact us today to learn how we can help.