4 Reasons to Switch from Coffee to Tea

 Yes, it can be done. It IS possible to give up the bitter, overpriced brew that leaves you jittery and empty inside. Are you able to give up your morning addiction? If you are like many Americans, the thought of giving up your morning cup of Joe is incomprehensible. Plus, what will you reach for in the morning? The answer—tea. Listen up to the 4 reasons why you should switch from coffee to tea.


  1. Buying tea is much cheaper

How much do you pay for a pound of coffee or fancy coffee drink? You might be surprised by the drastic difference in cost when you walk up to the counter and order a cup of tea instead of a cup of coffee. More money is always a perk, but as a virtuoso coffee drinker, you probably need a little more convincing.

  1. Your body will thank you for tea power

Coffee has been associated with common digestive issues such as discomfort, indigestion, heartburn and GERD. Coffee also increases your stress hormones, but tea is a warm cup of relaxation and tension relief. Not to mention that coffee is a natural diuretic. Instead of dehydrating you, tea assists in balancing your body’s fluid intake. You can drink your tea hot or cold and still benefit from its hydrating powers. Some research indicates that green tea may also assist your body’s metabolism, which means you can shed a few pounds. Think about that: an extra 400 calories with a whipped, caramel concoction, or shed a few pound with a refreshing cup of tea.

  1. Tea is better for your teeth and bones

Coffee is a big ol’ cup of acidity. The acid in coffee eats away at the enamel on your teeth and it stains your teeth an unpleasant shade of yellow. Tea may actually be better for your teeth when compared to your morning cup of coffee. Because of the fluoride in the water, you may actually be giving your teeth a little boost in preventing cavities. There is good news for your other bones as well. According to an Australian study, regular tea drinkers were less likely to develop osteoporosis.

  1. It just makes you feel better

Coffee drinkers become stuck in a vicious cycle of low serotonin. Serotonin is necessary for sleep, bowel movements, energy and your mood. If serotonin levels are off, a person is not likely getting enough sleep or feel refreshed, so, as a result, he/she will ingest more coffee. Tea is much simpler than that. Tea is blended to soothe, relax, ease discomfort and enhance a person’s mood overall. Tea is used as an anti-depressant and illness-fighter in many different cultures.


Don’t give in to the coffee hype; share a cup of tea with your family and friends! You’ll feel better for it – after you get over the coffee withdrawal, that is.