How Safe is Your Data?

Cybercrime will cost $2 trillion by 2019. This incredible figure means that we are less than two years away from cybercrime costing enough money to fuel a G8 economy (Italy, the current eighth-largest economy in the world, has a GDP of $1.8 trillion). The staggering impact of cyber crime is compounded by the fact that it only seems to be getting more common. 2017 has already seen two major waves of destructive ransomware.

Attacks like these are causing many business owners to question the security of their own data. Small businesses are often viewed as soft targets by malicious parties. To complicate matters further, cyber attacks are uniquely deadly to smaller businesses. An estimated 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber attack go out of business within six months.

Now more than ever, it’s important to evaluate your current technological resources and determine if you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your data.

Do You Have Backups in Place?

Even if a deadly cyber attack never comes to pass, there are plenty of everyday threats to data that doesn’t have a reliable and recent backup.

In the old days, backing up your data was a simple but time-consuming process. You’d spend time every few days loading all of your data onto an external hard drive just in case something happened to your main storage device. Thanks to the emergence of cloud computing, however, backing up your data isn’t just easy – it can be instantaneous as well. When you work in a digital workspace like Google Drive, all of your work is saved in real time in a massive global infrastructure. That means spilling your coffee on the computer or accidentally closing out of your document won’t cost you hours or days of progress.

Working in the cloud is only one layer of redundancy, however. For comparison, the military uses upwards of 10 redundancies. Working with a professional IT expert can help you put all the necessary processes in place to ensure your data is safe from destruction.

Have You Reduced the Risk of Human Error?

The best-laid cybersecurity plans rarely survive first contact with an untrained employee. Ensuring that your employees are able to identify malicious schemes like phishing or malware can go a long way towards making your business a hacker’s nightmare. Even if you invest time and money in firewalls and other precautions, all it takes is one click on a bad email to compromise your entire network.

Luckily, professional cybersecurity training is widely available. If your business works with technology in any capacity, such training is worth it. Implementing policies like dual authentication and requiring employees to shut down and password lock their workstations at the end of the day can be massively beneficial.

Controlling access to your facilities is important as well. Using surveillance and controlled access technology in your offices and other buildings can ensure employees are working safely and effectively, and it prevents additional unauthorized access to your secure information.

If you reach this point and feel that your business may not be as insulated from cybercrime as it could be, there’s no time to wait. The Preferred Technology Solutions team is standing by to help North Texas businesses gain peace of mind through data security. Just reach out today to kick off a discussion and begin the process of making your business a bastion against malicious cybercrime.