The Importance of Video Surveillance

All businesses have unique needs, but some concerns are universal. Security is one of those. Security is of the utmost importance whether you have a Fortune 500 company or a local drugstore. Video surveillance can protect your business from a variety of malicious forces. Keeping video records of activity on your property can also aid in preventing bad things from happening again.

Neglecting video surveillance can have major consequences. Physical damage to your property can result in the loss of expensive equipment. In some cases your property could be deemed unsafe. If the personal property of your employees is damaged or stolen, it can negatively impact workplace culture. This may drive off new talent that you could otherwise put to work. The good news is that video surveillance systems are designed to deter crime and provide an objective account of the events on your property for law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and other interested parties.

Take a look at the various archetypes that surveillance solutions fit into. Make note of any that sound like they could work for your business.

Conventional Camera Systems

These are the systems that come to mind when you picture video surveillance systems. They’re usually mounted on ceilings and walls and are covered by a protective dome. These conventional systems are typically wired throughout a facility and provide great coverage, but their cost and technical complexity mean that they’re only the best option for larger companies that move large numbers of material goods, like warehouses and department stores.

Hidden Camera Systems

Hidden camera systems resemble their more obvious counterparts in most ways. However, they blend into their environment without disrupting day-to-day activities in any way. Guests on your premises must know that they may be under surveillance. Essentially, hidden cameras are functionally identical to others, but are able to be placed and activated without the general population taking notice.

Plug and Play Systems

Ideal for smaller businesses that can’t spend more than necessary on a large system. Plug and play systems typically consist of one or two cameras that wirelessly transmit footage to your personal computer or a designated URL address.  In contrast to the other systems, it’s simple to move your cameras around.

Hybrid Systems

These analog plug and play systems allow the addition of new cameras to the system.  This is a popular option among growing mid-sized businesses.  It’s more expensive than plug and play system, but it definitely pays off in the long run when you expand and add more floor space to your operation, since your surveillance system will be similarly scalable.

If any of these kinds of systems sound like they could be of use to your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. The team at Preferred Technology Solutions specializes in business security solutions, and our years of expertise and experience with varied clientele will help us find just the solution you’re looking for. Just reach out and say hello; we’d love to hear from you.