5 Things You Should Know About Modern Surveillance Hardware

Thanks to today’s technology, you can take your home and workplace security into your own hands. The number of American citizens paying for third party security service is dropping at a rapid rate. This is because smart cameras and security systems are now just as effective as their expensive predecessors. Handling your own security by purchasing surveillance hardware is an appealing idea since helps to eliminate recurring costs. Even though the popularity of these surveillance systems is on the rise, many purchasers aren’t fully aware of what their new hardware is capable of. The Preferred Technology Solutions team has put together a list of features that your surveillance technology might have.

1. Motion Detection

One of the myths that we have worked tirelessly to debunk for our customers is the belief that they need pricey high-resolution security cameras that run 24/7. That’s not the case; there are motion detection cameras that will turn on only when a sensor attached to the vision system senses movement in the field of view.  This saves you from having to comb through hours and hours of useless footage. Some systems are even able to send you a text or email when something activates them.

2. Live Look-in

Once a luxury, live look-in is now a commonplace feature of surveillance systems.  If you want your security cameras to broadcast to one of your devices, they should be able to do so. This allows you to check out a situation remotely from the comfort of your phone or laptop. Depending on your hardware a software, the specifics of this functionality can vary widely.

3. Night Vision

Night vision is becoming a standard-issue feature in most modern security cameras. Don’t expect hundreds of feet of crystal-clear footage with a commercial camera – it’s not military technology – but the visibility should provide an extra layer of security at night.

4. Footage Management

Commercially available surveillance systems often feature tools that allow you to snip and edit footage, a feature that can prove useful in many situations. Preferred Technology Solutions is well-versed in the current surveillance market and can provide insight on what systems offer the best content management solutions. You don’t have to be a wizard with editing software to piece together footage.

5. Synergy with Smart Devices

Thanks to the emergence of more smart devices than you ever thought you’d need (looking at you, SmartFridge), it’s possible to weave your surveillance system through your network.  For instance, if you’d like to turn your systems on or off using your Amazon Echo, you can. Want to let your security system know that the Roomba is about to turn on so it doesn’t record your clean floors? Easy.

If you’re curious about how surveillance solutions could help your business, or you’re interested in purchasing surveillance hardware from experienced professionals, the Preferred Technology Solutions team is here for you. We’ll get you set up with a security system and provide ongoing support. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you want to talk. One conversation could change your business’s approach to security.