Where to Position Your Wireless Access Point

It may seem like something small, hardly worth thinking about, but the position of your wireless access point is something that could determine how efficiently your employees work. Think about it, the average office space is too large to deal with a mass of cords strung around all over the place so you can plug directly into the router, which makes wireless networking so convenient. The impact of proper placement of the wireless access point not only increases overall performance but can also help stave off the inevitable recurring headaches brought on by a poor quality network.

Okay, but Where?

The best place for placement of the wireless access point is within specific rooms. You may initially think that placement in the hallway would be best, this way it can reach multiple rooms at once with ease. This sadly is not the case, it actually hinders the wireless access point and causes more issues that can be easily avoided. A couple of the best reasons for installing the access points within the room instead of a hallway are as follows:


  • The Giggahertz! – A growing trend is that devices will continue to use a standard of 5 Ghz chipsets for wireless given the amount of 2.4Ghz wireless currently being used, which overcrowds the area. The main hindrance of the 5 Ghz chipsets though is that they can be easily blocked by building materials like concrete, which means placement in the hallway would be fairly useless.


  • The Tablets, The Tablets, The Tablets! – In our current world of electronic devices, the majority of people have at least one (their phone), and possibly up to as many as four. These devices don’t have the strongest capability to transmit, so the closer they are to the access point, the better.


Where in the Room does the Wireless Access Point Go?

The best practices and through experience have lead us to learn that the ceiling is generally the best place that benefits users the most, specifically below the ceiling and not in it. Inevitably there are much fewer obstructions that the signal will have to deal with and provides the most direct path to the devices. Though sometimes this may not be the best option given the various types of offices out there, which is why we would recommend in those cases the wall is a good option as well. This will still allow a similar range of the ceiling and hopefully keep away any possible obstructions.
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