3 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Enhances Business Productivity

Productivity is a great word, one that gets thrown around by organizations and consultants quite a bit, but Office 365 actually achieves greater productivity through its adoption and use.

With Preferred Technology Solutions’ Office 365 support you get the absolute best support for Office 365. From the very beginning of the migration process to the end, and then the ongoing support you’ll need to maintain high rates of productivity utilizing tools and features of Office 365.

Here are three ways Office 365 enhances business productivity when paired with ongoing proactive support from Preferred Technology Solutions.

Access From Anywhere With Office 365

Considering that Office 365 resides in the cloud, accessing important information and files has never been easier. All that’s needed is a computer, or other Internet connected device, to get what you need, when you need it. All changes to documents or other files are saved and backed up automatically, and collaboration in real time is easy to do.

Ease of Use and Familiarity

At its core, Office 365 is the same basic product as Microsoft Office 2013 but with more powerful and robust options to meet business and end-user needs. If you are familiar with any version of Word, Excel, and other Microsoft applications you will be able to confidently use Office 365. Even the additional options and applications of Office 365 are easy to find and simple to learn how to use.

Office 365 Offers Robust Security Features

Based on the needs and goals of your company, security can be as strict or lenient as your organization wants with Office 365. The total offering of business productivity tools offers administrators the ability to pick and choose who can access what in real time. Updated to the software and applications, including critical security patches, are all handled automatically so you don’t have to do it yourself.

To find out whether Office 365 is a large enough benefit to your organization, contact Preferred Technology Solutions today. We’ll run a completely technology audit to optimize your business through technology.