3 Things Your Managed Service Provider Should Be Doing Every Month

Your business relies on IT to survive and thrive. It’s nearly impossible for a modern business to survive without properly leveraging technology. Unfortunately, many business owners choose to neglect their technology needs. Some justify this course of action by saying state-of-the-industry IT is too expensive, or that hiring a managed service provider is an unnecessary substitute for hard work and elbow grease. This is a dangerous philosophy, especially in an increasingly digital economy.

Great IT is about working smarter, not harder. It’s about cutting down on the legwork your employees have to do so that they can focus on their most important tasks. Great technology helps your talent shine so that your business can compete against larger, more connected competitors. Not too long ago, it was difficult for smaller businesses to access these solutions. Thanks to the emergence of managed service providers that specialize in IT outsourcing, however, great IT is accessible and affordable for businesses of any size.

It’s possible that you’re considering working with a managed service provider for the first time. If that’s the case, you’re probably curious about what kind of service to expect from the partnership. Beyond the initial project, you can expect a number of ongoing services from your managed service provider. Here are three things you should expect from your service each month.

1. Updates on Your Network Performance

Every good managed service provider should offer ongoing maintenance and network monitoring for their clients. Network monitoring shouldn’t just be a silent feature that you pay for and never reap the benefits of, however. A responsible managed service provider will have a proactive attitude toward network monitoring and keep you apprised of the strengths and weaknesses of your network.

Knowing how your network is doing enables you to work with your managed service provider to remedy pain points and optimize your processes to take advantage of your network’s strengths. It’s also important to stay informed of threats to your network like emerging phishing and ransomware trends.

2. Knowledge of Tech Trends

It’s a managed service provider’s job to stay informed of the latest trends in technology. In a traditional setting, upgrading software and hardware is a huge hassle and expense for most companies. Part of outsourcing IT is knowing that your technology is as current as possible. That means your managed service provider should take the necessary steps to inform you of emerging technology solutions and how they can help your business. Having expert counsel a phone call away means that your business never has to lag behind again.

3. One-on-One Service

Even if a managed service provider monitors your network proactively, there are some things that are hard to spot remotely. A good managed service provider will make sure to check in with their clients on an individual basis to discuss what is and isn’t working. This kind of one-on-one service strengthens the partnership and leads to superior service in the future.

Your managed service provider has many responsibilities and will help your business in a variety of ways, but these three practices in particular are great signs of professionalism and commitment. If you’re curious about the other traits of great IT service providers, feel free to check out our free eBook on the topic. If you think your business could benefit from managed IT services, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to learn about your business and discuss what the Preferred team can do to change your world.