3 Simple Tips To Help You Secure Your Data At Work

Securing your data at work is crucial. Think about it – could you really recover from data loss if you didn’t have any files backed up?

Probably not – you would likely end up going out of business.

Don’t let that happen.

Check out these 3 easy ways to secure your data in the workplace.


Use Strong Passwords

Hackers are getting smarter all of the time – and that means that your passwords are getting weaker. Make sure that you don’t use easy dictionary words for your passwords. Even if you combine a dictionary work with a combination of numbers it still isn’t a very strong password.

If you want some easy tips on how to create a secure but memorable password, check out our previous blog post.


Back Up Your Data

What would happen if a natural disaster or security disaster occurred and you didn’t have any of your data backed up?

Chances are, you’d lose a lot of money and the trust of your clients. And that’s not all – you could even lose your entire business!

There’s no need to risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Here at Preferred, we offer security solutions to give you the peace of mind you need and know that your data is backed up. That way, you can stop worrying about losing your data and know that you’ll be able to easily recover if it does ever happen.


Talk To Your Employees

Human error is one of the top causes of security breaches.

You need to make sure your employees know how important security is in the workplace. You could hold a meeting or even plan an event to let them know best practices for keeping company and personal information safe.

You should also make sure that you enforce security policies, and that those policies are easy to understand. That way, your employees will not have to question what the security rules are and your data will remain safe.


Have you already followed these steps? If you need further help securing your business, contact Preferred today – let’s work together to make sure your company data is safe!