3 Reasons YOUR Business Needs Video Surveillance

You do not have to own a large business or corporation to benefit from video surveillance. Any business can become the victim of theft and suspicious activity. A surveillance system prides consumers, employees, and business with added peace of mind and security inside and outside of the establishment. Whether you have one office or multiple locations, you can have an eye on each building to maximize the security and safety of everyone. Discover the top three reasons why your business needs a video surveillance system.


Video surveillance is a way business owners can encourage accountability within the office walls. The monitoring system supports the business owner with mitigating threats, resolving customer-employee disputes, and identifying the truth in certain incidents. If a conflict arises, the business owner can refer back to video footage and voice recordings, if necessary, to review the instance and obtain an objective account of the incident. Video surveillance is also a great teaching resource. When you are training new employees, they can see what a standard workday really looks like: phone call volume, client interactions, workflow expectations, and other job-specific tasks. Business owners can also use the footage to teach employees how to act and how not to respond to security threats, customer interactions, and office situations.

Deters suspicious activity

Suspicious activity can occur within the workplace or from outside forces. Suspicious activity cab be anything from employee interactions and activities to criminal behavior. A person who intends to cause harm to you, your employees or your business are less likely to do so if they think they will be caught. When a video system is in place, people tend to be on their best behavior. You and your employees will feel safer knowing that if something happens within and around the office walls, someone is looking out for you.

Provides assistance to the authorities

There are many instances when authorities may contact you for the video footage you have acquired. Business owners have been asked to provide footage in insurance suits and worker’s comp cases. The ol’ slip-and-fall lawsuit can be squashed by video surveillance if the injured party was negligent or the act was intentional. Assistance can also be sought out if your business becomes the victim of criminal activity. Video surveillance can spot the person involved in the activity and provide the authorities with a time-stamped account of what happened when the criminal activity occurred. If law enforcement knows you have a video system, they may also contact you to see if your cameras captured activity that occurred outside of the building. Law enforcement has been using video surveillance videos to track people who go missing, rob establishments, witness events, and engage in criminal activity.

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