Securing and supporting your business is what we do best

For more than 25 years, we’ve implemented technology built to improve your operational efficiency, security, and organizational financial health. Technology has evolved drastically over time, but so has our knowledge of data, security and business strategy.

Because of the Security risks that your business faces every day from Nation States, Criminal Enterprises and Independent Hackers, it is best practice to partner with the Professionals at Preferred that understand these threats and take your security as seriously as you do.

By leveraging our vast business experience, our deep technical knowledge and new innovations, we can position you to maintain a competitive edge and accomplish the business goals you’ve envisioned.

In other words, we can craft a strategic IT and security plan that gets your business to where it needs to go.

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Focus on
what matters
to you

You already know how to lead your business and sell your services. As your partner, we remove the IT obstacles in your way to provide you with smoother workflows that help you run your business better.

Our structured process for building, delivering, maintaining and securing IT infrastructures keeps everything on track for a smooth, seamless partnership that consistently drives your business forward

You’re a partner, not a customer

We’re driven by the reward to grow and participate in our communities and charities to create a better world. We carry that mentality into every client relationship – as business partners, we’re active and responsive to make your business vision a reality.